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  1. I went back to the gym 2 weeks PO and had pretty much identical instructions from my PS. I've been doing lower body resistance training, step machine, Walking on treadmill at full incline, the bike and lower abs. I've almost built my weights back up to pre op levels. I'm now 4 weeks PO and haven't had any issues. I just mix up my resistance training and cardio with intervals so my height rate isn't too high for too long. I found some good blogs online by PT's who has BA's and suggesting exercises to ease back into. Golden rule- if it causes pain - stop! I also walk to/from work which is about 10km. I feel great. Looking forward to reintroducing upper body in a few weeks.
  2. I have exactly the same thing Ittybittyk Hoping they sort themselves out sooner rather than later!!
  3. My crease was lowered too. I worry that they will sit too low and end up looking droopy but my PS said it will take 6 months for the skin to stretch.... Have to wait and see!
  4. I got a cold a week before my op. I think mostly due to the stress. Load up on the high strength vitamin C, B, fresh green juice and the old sauna does the trick for me. Take it easy and you should be fine in a day or 2!
  5. Geez! That's looks painful chick. My PS recommend Arnica tablets leading up to and 1 week post surgery. I used those and Arnica cream for quite a while. It seemed to help. It's all natural so I don't think it will do any harm. Sold in chemists and/or health stores.
  6. I had things I could step into and pull up for the first week - mostly singlets and skirts or shorts for at home. I underestimated the swelling i would have all the way from under my arms and down as far as my hips plus bloating from the meds. The first few times I left the house I felt pregnant and uncomfortable! I had a button down light denim shirt from cotton on which was a life saver. Throw it over a comfy skirt and it hid the post op bra and my bloated belly & swelling! After The first week I was able to start gently pulling things over my head and now 17 Day PO I have no problems with tshirts or anything - just need to be careful.
  7. So true @ekd88 - only noticed my asymmetry when I started planning my surgery - I'm 34!!!!
  8. Haha 'Tata tamer' - great name. Never heard of them. I'll check it out! I've heard good things about Panache too.
  9. Check out my gallery @hamonybear. 16 days PO and my righty is still higher and more swollen than my lefty. Much more so than yours! It's totally normal, don't stress. My PS said to think of each breast as a separate surgery, often with different recovery rate. There are many posts on here about the same thing and all the girls who are 3+ months PO assure us they do reach the same point as @cathy says.
  10. It also depends on your b width and existing tissue. That's why the same cc's will look bigger/smaller on different people. There are different width implants with the same cc's in them. Your surgeon will know what size/width will give you a natural look. I think you could still definitely get a natural result with 325cc - it's not a huge implant. If you are going under the muscle you will lose some size anyway.
  11. Hi ladies, Any recommendations on good, supportive wire free sportsbras?? Most of my old ones are too small now and had very little support anyway. Only just 2 weeks PO and now back at the gym. Thanks!!
  12. Every surgeon I spoke to recommended taking some time after the first consult to take it all in and digest the info, then come back and see them with any questions etc I took my boyfriend with me to my second consult to get a second opinion and also as a second pair of ears!! There's a lot to take in. The second consult wasn't an additional cost or anything either. I saw my PS a third time for a final sizing closer to my surgery. You're paying a lot of money for a serious decision- take all the time you need and don't be afraid to request a long consult if you know you have a lot of questions and want to do a sizing etc Good luck!
  13. My PS told me no bra as well if it's any consolation ittybittyk. But now that I'm back at work it's just not possible! I've been wearing a bra when I'm out of the house and taking it off at home. Sometimes I sleep in a soft crop and sometimes I don't. If nothing else, I've learnt just how varied PS recommendations are on everything from stretching, recovery, exercises, icing, scar treatment, when and how to exercise again, post-op bras!!!! It's all so subjective. What a head f@ck!! I guess you just have to trust your surgeon and listen to your body.
  14. Yeah I guess that makes sense. You probably do use your upper body more than you think. Did anyone use the cross trainer ( without arms ) or step machine? I love mixing my resistance training with cardio intervals but don't want to risk pulling/injuring something!!
  15. I was going to ask the same thing about spin. I'm 2 weeks post op and my PS has cleared me for lower body training, but obviously not running. I'm wondering if spin would be ok if i took it easy? So missing my training and ready to get back into a routine now! X
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