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  1. I had a ba in dec 2016 and I never even had a mammogram, should I be worried
  2. That's what I thought as well but no not the case you would think that he would of told me this before hand at my consult, that the implant will fall and have a different shape if I didn't get a lift, cos I would never of gotten the implants without the lift if I was told that, now I need to wait until I can afford to get a lift and re do my implants. I'm really angry now every time I get in the shower or put a new bra on that is all I see how uneven they are
  3. Well I went and seen my surgeon and he said that it is my implant but he isn't going to do anything about it because I needed a lift. when I first went and seen him, he said I was boardline so I could go either way,but that they wouldn't be perfect but a lot better then what they were (his words) and that the decision was up to me but I would definitely need a lift further down the track so I decided to just go straight BA but if I knew this was going to happen I would of waited and got the lift and BA together, he said because I didn't get the lift he didn't tighten my pocket and that's why i
  4. I have high profile round over the muscle going to see my surgeon on the 13th so next week hope he fixes it it is a little sore
  5. It's soft to touch, I have an appointment with my surgeon on the 13th, I will know exactly what has happened. I had a ultrasound a few weeks back cos there was a lump on my right side and my left was perfect now this has happened to it. I'm really worrried thanks wasn't to sure if that's what happens when ur implant bottoms out if that's the right terms
  6. Evening, I'm wondering if anyone can help I had my BA in dec 2016 and I have just notice a lump that sticks out at the bottom of my boob I have attached a picture of it. I'm going to be emailing my surgeon tonight with the photos thanks
  7. Thanks ladies for letting me know, I am not the only one getting the pains
  8. Thanks heaps for letting me know Ian not as worried now
  9. Looking great ladies, I got measured at bras n things and they measured me as a 10d that was back in feb now my boobs don't sit in them they fall out so I went and got new bras and I am measuring a 10dd they don't flop out of my bras anymore lol i would love to know if anyone else gets pain in the boobs since having a BA?
  10. Hi ladies, I am 4 months post op and I get really bad pains in both my breast just wondering if anyone else has had the something? I am booked in for an ultrasound as sometimes it is really painful I have over the muscle implants if that makes any difference thanks
  11. My breast were really saggy after breastfeeding 4 babies, and I just a BA and I am so happy with the results. I did get told by my surgeon that I was boardline, and left the decision up to me and I just went for a straight BA and I am so happy with the results but everyone is different
  12. Hi just wondering I had a BA in December and I want to start a kick boxing class, do you think it's to early to start a class?
  13. What size did u get again @Millicent? Your only 10 weeks u wait they seem to get bigger as the weeks go on, I thought that about mine but now I am so glad I went the size I did. It's still early days. I bet ur boobs look fantastic ? Looking great @anna6 I brought 2 of those bras from bras n things, it's so comfy Do any of u ladies get pains in ur boobs?
  14. It's been quite on here, how is everyone going? Have all u ladies been bra shopping yet?
  15. Hopefully the antibiotics work keep us informed with what happens ?
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