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  1. Hi, wanting to hear about what people have chosen and if they are happy with them
  2. Hi guys, I was calling a few surgeons in Perth to get prices etc for BA. I called Dr Coopers office and Dr Cooper answered the phone himself!! He said that his secretary was out and he had never answered the phone before. He seemed lovely and was very helpful of course with my questions. Has anybody had work done with him?
  3. Hello, at this point all my options are open and at the moment just sussing out local doctors in Perth aswell as over east. Im not really sure on what the fees are even like for breast implants overseas. Can anybody enlighten me...Thanks
  4. Hello, just wondering if anybody has had a consultation or even surgery with any of the doctors from Sculpt Surgery in Perth? Their doctors are on the board of plastic surgeons which is excellent and they offer a decent price so wondering if I could get any feedback on them...Thanks
  5. Ok, even on the web I feel embarrassed saying that I have these tiny little boobs and long nipples. I have breastfed two babies which have sucked the life out of my boobs and now wanting to get a BA. I have always wanted boobs but have never followed through with consultations or anything until now. Anyway, just wondering if any of you have had nipple surgery whilst have implants and what was the outcome for you?
  6. lala25 from your profile picture your boobs are looking great! Im a 10 a/b cup now and am hoping for an outcome like yours. They look very natural. Thanks for all the advice girls, I am learning lots from reading your posts
  7. Hi, Im new on here and wanting some information regarding Dr Anh Nguyen aswell. Im thinking she is quite new too as haven't heard much about her...
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