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    Dr Nguyen - The Cometic Institute. 17/04/2015
  1. How many days did it take for you lovelies to notice your tatas had started dropping? Hope everyone is feeling alright and had a good nights sleep. Goodluck to anyone going today!
  2. What exercises are you ladies doing? x
  3. Keep on top of those pain meds pretty! They're working wonders for me and I'm not even taking the strongest ones they gave me. Definitely starting to feel it though when they begin to wear off
  4. Oh no! Keep on top of those pain meds babe! I was really suprised when my ribs or incisions weren't hurting.. I thought that would be the most painful
  5. I just realised what I had written! It was supposed to say weird to explain my pain! Not enjoy it hahaha whoopsie
  6. Thanks babe!! Surprisingly don't feel sick at all which is quite unusual for me! I've had anestetic befor and if made me super Ill but not this time. Yay! I'm actually just hungry
  7. I made it girls!! Bit tight and sore, but on the way home ☺️ Thank you all so much for the support. Such a lovely bunch of women and so glad I get to experience this with you all
  8. Thank you!! I'm not sure it feels real yet!
  9. That's what I thought when he said it too! But Im almost certain I'm going to be happy with the size once it's all done. He recommended extra high profile and they're textured. I kind of just went in the and left it up to the surgeon really. He just asked what I was after, then he did his thing and recommended those sizes
  10. Had my consult this afternoon and my surgeon says he wants me to go as big as I can to be in proportion with my butt
  11. So ladies I'm waiting at the airport to board my flight to Sydney!! It's only just kicked in that this is actually happening!!
  12. Thanks so much! Now just to play the waiting game!
  13. Congrats too all you beautiful ladies who have there new editions, how exciting!!! And Goodluck to those of you going soon ☺️
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