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    BA to correct grade 1/2 tuberous breasts. 330cc mentor anatomics mod + dual plane
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    Michael miroshnik 26/06/15
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    173cm 63kg 10b
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    Veterinary nurse

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  1. Willow997

    June 2015

    Ladies I have boobies! ....wait have I already told you? ...mm Valium and endone not sure what day or what I've said haha ...jokes aside the whole hospital and surgery went so smoothly I cannot thank the nurses, staff and dr MM enough. The anaesthetist was so gentle and warming as the nurses making me feel so calm as it was my very first op and GA. The wait from first arriving to the hospital and actually getting into theatre was quite a wait but I guess that's expected. I didn't get into surgery until about 5 pm or so which is why I haven't been on or reported back yet girls. As far as recovery I think I've been a lucky one so far...no nausea or morning boob just yet. Very tight and quite a lot of pressure. My abs and ribs are quite sore but boobs wise not too bad. However now that I've been using my arms and reaching for thing like water etc my right side gets sharp pains every so often but bare able. I've been applying Ice on for 20min and off 40 min during the day for a little while. first night back I was very groggy but managed to smash down some KFC chips and talk jibberish to the boyfriend and send my friends and family a message along the lines of I have boobs and I love you Hahaha woke up once or twice in the night to go to the loo. Sleep wasn't too bad at all considering I'm a tummy sleeper. Made an awesome pillow forte that did wonders I think. Back was was a little sore straight from surgery and lasted the weekend mostly (only just feeling a little less tense now) sat morning had some breaky in bed and my meds followed by a nice luke warm shower (I love my hot showers but wasn't allowed) the boyfriend insisted he had to come in to ensure I didn't have a hot shower....just horrible job for him haha sat slept most of the day with Valium, and mersondyle forte on board, only had end one in the morning and sat night. Went for a little stroll about dinner time to Coles and back which was nice to get out of the motel. Sat night woke up every 4-6 hours to staton top of the pain however tried to stretch it out to 6 hours but woke up quite sore at 4 am and very uncomfortable For the first time since the op. Once the Valium and endone kicked it I fell asleep again. The Valium really helps with the tightness it's awesome. this morning I woke up had a shower and a banana with my meds got dressed and managed to get a t-shirt on woohoo! And made it to the shopping centre for brunch with the boyfriend. It was so nice to do a little light shopping I felt once your up it good but then when you get a bit sore the pain relief makes you drowsy and then you snooze and then you get really stiff...shitty cycle but I must admit so far so good. Been in bed most of the arvo as the boyfriend left for Melbourne to go back to work and my nan just arrived. Today overall pretty good except for sharp pains on the right side and near incision? I do have a wide implant so maybe it's all stretching ....ouch! Sorry for the essay hope everyone else is doing ok *big gentle hugs *
  2. Willow997

    June 2015

    of course! Just keep in mind I'm a tuberous girl if you have Instagram follow me too as I probably won't get around to posting many pics on here it's much easier on there.
  3. Willow997

    June 2015

    morning Lynda! Yep both had my heart set on him so decided to pre book so I could organise the time off etc and travel interstate...I'm originally from melb. If there's any of you ladies around let me know I'm in bondi staying at quest until Wednesday and my surgery is tomorrow xxo hope everyone is recovering well and the last couple to go I wish you all the best. Will update you all once out of surgery
  4. Willow997

    June 2015

    Hey girlies! Consult today with dr MM went really well...so lovely and welcoming and most importantly made me feel so comfortable and I trust him 100% with a great outcome. Firstly I have quite a short torso so we had size limits which didn't phase me too much as I didn't want anything to drastically huge...just wanted full C small D cup. My nipples are also quite far apart so to counteract he chose a wide implant. So over all we are going for textured mentor 330cc anatomics which will get my that size I wanted and he said he will only have to move my natural breast crease a smidge. Oh and going dual plane also. I did go for the larger implant then I first thought but I'm sure they will be amazing. surgery scheduled for about 3pm Friday ...eeeep getting nervous now mainly for the recovery but super excited too. I've started a Instagram BA account too add me BA_26.6_mm.willow
  5. Omg this happened to me in bikinis ... Wasn't aware until I looked back at a photo and saw it poking out of the bottom ... Do you girls also reach for high thing and your bra comes up haha gosh I'm not going to miss these things
  6. Willow997

    June 2015

    Hi girlies I thought I'd join too as I've got my surgery on Friday June 26th in sydney with dr miroshnik. I am a tuberous girl and live in Melbourne so travelling to sydney for it. I've got my consult on wed the 24th and fly in that morning. I've so far had my phone consult and going for a full C cup. MM suggested anatomical with crease incision and we will talk the rest at the face to face consult. I'm so excited and nervous, my boyfriend can't make it to sydney until late the night before. I'll be around in sydney on we'd/Thursday 24th and 25th if other June boogie girls are also around feeling nervous. To all the lovely ladies that have had their boobs done congrats and I hope you're all recovering well. Xoxoxo
  7. It's a shame I go home in the 2nd July and staying in the quest apartments! We could have met up. I think we have made such a great decision going with dr M can't wait to share our journeys
  8. Just found this! Awesome topic girls! I've got my op on jun 26th with dr miroshnik and I too have these weird ass dreams about boobs haha I hope you don't mind I'll add you girls on insta my account is willow97 too hope you don't mind xo
  9. Do all the lovely girls in the topic have before and after photos . I would love to see them as I too have mild tuberous breasts
  10. Thanks you so much girls! I've emailed mark Ashton and Hamlisch farrow and also mansoor mirkazimi so hoping to maybe just stick to the three and see how I feel and also what's in my budget. I'm so excited for the first consult I just want to get the ball rolling for my dream boobies!! Hehe. I'll keep you all posted. Itsmyturn I will PM you if you don't mind xo
  11. Hi girls after doing some reading I think I may be in the slight tubular breasted I'm not too sure though. Therefore I'm wanting to go with a PS preferably in Melbourne. I would be getting finance but don't want to spend a huge amount. I don't even know where to start looking. Did anyone have any consultations that were free to get an idea? Xx
  12. Oh no! I think I'm the same boat girls! I had no idea might be a little more complicated and expensive than I first thought, but I am so self conscious about them, more about the shape and thus explains a lot.
  13. Hi ladies I'm very new to this and only just learning some of the terms. I'm 25 173cm tall 63kg and a 10b in bra size. Hoping to get BA that looks natural and about a full C cup to a small D. I don't know where to start to be honest. Would be great to have some girls share their story with similar stats. I was looking at TCI as it's obviously affordable but have only just started the research after wanting boobs for years now. Thanks heaps ladies you all seem so supportive it's great! Xx
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