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  1. I think that bralettes are great! they probably won't be great for the first few weeks/months, because it is likely you will need the support while they heal up properly, but once they've healed up significantly inside, and u find it comfy to go braless, then bralettes are great!! i bought a few from cotton on and i wear them all the time, even to bed. They're not great for support, but they're better than wearing nothing, so its kinda like a comfy in between
  2. I'm extremely happy!!! Hoping they get even better as I'm only 5 months post op at the moment. but yes im very fond of the tape and I'll recommend it to everyone. The scars started to get very red, and it all went down so much with the silicon tape. Could be coincidence lol but I continue to wear it pretty much 24/7
  3. I've been on siltape since 8 weeks post op as per dr miroshniks instructions. Fortunately no reactions and my scars have improved so much! The redness has gone down heaps and they just seem to blend more with the skin. Here's 8 weeks vs 5 months
  4. Feel free to add me on Insta sydney_ba23 i went with miroshnik too and I'm 5 months post op at the moment I also wanted a natural look, I started off with 10a\b and I'm now 10d stats are 50kg 164cm and I got 295 in my right and 325 in the left
  5. I second what expat says! the statistics are that the drive to the hospital is more dangerous that the general. I definitely freaked out about it especiall when I walked into the room and actually lied down in the bed thing. The thought of going completely unconscious, and also, the fact that if u didn't wake up u wouldn't kniw, that's what freaked me out. But it's almost like as u fall asleep, you're already waking up. Must a weird concept but just remember, it really is safe and you'll be fine :)
  6. yayy thanks for the adds everyone, feel free to send me a message, I'm more than happy to chat about the surgery with dr m and my experience im so excited for all u girls who are still pre op!! Happy booby days ahead!
  7. So I've decided to get on board with this whole Instagram thing I'm putting up my journey of my awesome BA with dr miroshnik and I'd love to add all u girls who have accounts so I can check out all your gorgeous pics and stories my account is tina667_ba xx
  8. 11 weeks post op, so far so good!!!
  9. Thanks maisieF and mrsO! puts my mind at ease a bit xx
  10. Thanks so much for your response mama_milks! I had a look and you're right, shellzes scars look great! It's hard to understand how a cut can heal up perfectly so quickly but scars go all red and ugly lol i just hope mine don't get worse
  11. Hi everyone!! so I'm 8 weeks post op with dr m, I've heard that the redness of scars peak at around 2-4 months. I've got my phone appointment on Monday but I wanted to put up my pics coz I'd like to know if other people have similar looking scars, or if mine are healing bad my right boob incision seems to be more red and gets sore at times, and the whole boob in general seems to be more sensitive and slow to recover. id love to see pics of other girls scars of anyone is willing to share xx
  12. I had Dr M and I did a lot of gym and pole dancing before my op Dr M also told me i can't do anything that directly targets the chest. I was told that it will change the shape of my breasts ( upper pole) but it also helps to displace them (they'll start to go out towards your armpits). and I believe he is right, like i can even tense my pec muscle now and they kinda pop towards the side lol (I'm 2 months post op). To be honest though i think this applies to heavy weights. if youre doing light stuff i think its fine, just as long as its not like bodybuilding kinda weight. He said if it doesn't directly target chest then its ok and some surgeons say even chest press is fine. so theres a lot of mixed instructions
  13. i was instructed to use bio oil on the scars until my 8 week appointment too Ive heard that the silitape works on scars that are healed, so i don't think its a bad thing to wait till at least 8 weeks
  14. I also had dr m and I was an interstate patient too my incisions felt quite lumpy and puffy through the bandage too, but once u take them off they don't look lumpy at all. I think it's just the left over glue/blood/anything that oozes out in the first day or so that just gets absorbed up and it feels a bit lumpy on the outside but you'll see that the incisions are actually quite flat, they'll just feel a bit hard when u run your finger over them. this will sound horrible but when I was taking my bandages off it hurt like a biatch It felt like it ripped every little micro hair on my skin, and my skin haha, I had a massive red rectangle in my skin afterwards. But I wasn't surprised coz if that dressing is waterproof and stays on for weeks then it's gotta be on there pretty good.
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