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    315cc anatomical furry Brazillian (silimed natural HP) unders, crease incision
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    23 Feb 2015
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    32A to 32D, 157cm, 47kg
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  1. I'm 158cm, 48kg, bwd was 10cm. I was an 10a cup (I think I had a little bit more breast tissue than you) and got 315cc brazilian anatomical unders. They were 1.5cm over my bwd. I measure 10d now, but they look more like a small c/full b naked and in clothes. It's weird how that works. Anyway, I'm a little disappointed by how small they look, but I think it was the biggest I could go too. I do look proportional though.
  2. What my doc has said to me seems to contradict a lot of what you've been told. I'm having trouble trusting anything he says now. I feel like he gets defensive when I question him, and he actually tells me that I'm WRONG when I say I feel like there is too much upper fullness and that I wanted more slope. How can what I want be wrong?? I say "I feel like the nipple is too low" and he replies "it's not". Well, that's subjective. I'm feeling pretty down about it today
  3. Being almost 5 months post op with furries it's probably way too late for me to use the band anyway. I saw my doc yesterday and he had me flex my pectoral muscles which showed me where my implant is actually sitting, and it was lower than I thought. Apparently I have really thick pecs which is where the "upper fullness" is coming from (even though I don't exercise at all). He said it should go down a bit more with time, but couldn't give me a guarantee, or anything I can do to make it happen faster.
  4. I asked my ps about a compression band at one of my early appointments, and he said something to the effect of, because the implants adhere to the muscle, if we try to push them down it's just going to make the tops peel forward away from the muscle and not actually move the implant down.
  5. I definitely saw no change at all until maybe 6-8 weeks at the earliest, and it's only been the past month (after three months) that I haven't hated them. I think it also has alot to do with how much stretching you have to do, how tight the muscle is, if you have sagging etc. My doc filled me up to bursting (I'm a small girl), and I haven't had kids and had almost no sagging, so I expect a longer recovery than some. I still cross my fingers that more change is on the way, but don't lose hope...at four months my boobs look SO much better than they did at two months.
  6. Yep, I have the same implants. 315cc hp silimed teardrops. My doc also said they won't drop. But the volume seems to shift gradually. It's a bit upsetting when other girls say "don't worry, they'll drop!" but they have smooths. They just don't get it
  7. I'm currently 4 months post op, and I had all the same concerns as you. My breasts are changing though. They are much rounder, the nipple is moving into a better position, pointing forward not down anymore, and the fullness is shifting (slooowly). This makes the position seem not so high as well. I don't think they've "fluffed" though, the size is still the same and they are still pretty firm. I'm still not completely happy with how they look, but considering they are changing, and my surgeon said changes can take up to a year and a half, I'm trying to stay positive. Though I do get very worried when I hear other girls say that they had no changes from 3 months on :/
  8. What pink butterfly said. The pain/sensitivity for me was worst around weeks 2-4, but gone by week 6. It was horrendous. I'm about 15 weeks post op now, and I think I've had my normal sensitivity back for over a month now. I think the more stretching your skin needs to do, the more sensitive, as the nerves are stretching and regenerating.
  9. When I said I wasn't happy with the upper fullness and height, he responded "most women want that". I was pretty angry that he dismissed my wishes. That was at my one week check up though, I think. I asked him if I could expect a result like the other girls he'd done that I'd pointed out I liked (that have a nice natural slope), and he said "yes". So I'll give it more time. I know brazilians take a long time to finish changing, but I'm still pretty upset by his attitude.
  10. I'm not happy with mine yet either. I think we got ours around the same time, but I have brazilian furries so no hope of them dropping. Opposite to you, I feel like mine are placed too high and have too much upper pole. I asked for a natural look, so I want them to look lower with a slope, but they just stick straight out from my collar bone pretty much. They look ok front on, but I'd prefer my nipples to be higher. I really wish I'd had my crease lowered, but that is only something I learned about from this forum, after my procedure was done. I feel especially bummed because it seems like the vast majority of girls on here are over the moon about theirs. It's something I've wanted for almost 20 years and it was a huge deal for me, so I wish I had a better result, because I doubt I could ever afford a revision I went with a surgeon here who has a good reputation and his other reults are really nice, so I keep asking, why me??
  11. I can feel mine. It freaks me out a little. I asked my ps about it and he said it's not the implant it's the sutures I can feel but I'm not sure....
  12. marinewife, I have before and after pics, you can FR me if you'd like to see.
  13. It would also depend on how much sagging/deflation/skin stretching you've had. I'm also 47kg, 158cm, bwd 10cm, and my ps initially recommended 275cc high profile, but on the day we decided on 315cc, and he said he actually had trouble closing me up. I had A cups, no sagging, and had never gained and lost weight or been pregnant so the skin was tight I guess. It's taking a long time for the skin to stretch and the muscles to relax for me. I'm a 10D at the moment, but I don't think I've fluffed yet.
  14. Mine are wide set and it was never even mentioned. I can feel my implants under my arms though. How much space is there between yours?
  15. I'm about 10 weeks with 315cc brazilians, and they are starting to soften. I've been so gentle with them that I didn't realise how much they'd softened until I had sex a couple of weeks ago and the guy was a bit overzealous and grabbed my boob and I was surprised at how much it could move already! haha They're still a bit firm on top but pretty soft everywhere else, and they already jiggle and bounce a little. Still can't wear a push up bra though (I'm still in wireless bras or going braless).
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