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  1. I've asked the same question - it's hard to see the body you desire after weightloss, you still just look for all the bad bits. I think you look amazing, I'd love your tummy! I don't want to say you don't need it though because I'm very familiar with the mental struggle. It's a personal decision if you have it or not.
  2. Thank you so much for your opinion and confidence boost!! I need to learn to love myself but that's tricky, much easier said than done. I guess I just don't want to throw away $7000 if I can do it on my own. Just losing the fat on my tummy and sides just isn't happening!
  3. I have worked my ass off (literally) to lose weight. It's come off everywhere except for my belly and flanks, which have always been a bit off a problem. I've had a consult with Dr Chen in Brisbane and of course he thinks I'll get a good result, but my husband is very against me having the procedure. Can I have your honest opinions please? I just need to be sure before I make the investment.
  4. Thanks Dani - any chance you can post a before and after?
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