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    BA 9/4/15 Dr Miroshnik 280cc left & 330cc right
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    Dr Miroshnik, 9th April
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    157cm 52.5kg, pre op B cup left boob, A cup right
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  1. Wow hard to believe it's been a year! I am well, loving my twins. All is well. I still have rippling but not as noticeable other than that they are perfect. How are you going ab1990?
  2. I haven't lost a lot of weight, I was 52.2kg the day I went in for my surgery & put on 2/2.5kg after now I'm back to 51.5kg but it obviously has affected the implants. I searched the forum for others that had similar & only found 1 other chicky that had problems with rippling so I am struggling to believe my PS that it's normal. Hubby says he thinks the rippling isn't that noticeable but I really notice it, somedays it's more noticeable than others.
  3. I miss catching up on how everyone is going! It is so good to be feeling normal again. I still get a few twinges but mostly all is going well. I have lost a little weight & can now feel my implants especially underneath & have some rippling, you can't see it but I can feel it. PS says it is normal because I don't have a lot of breast tissue anyway & then loosing weight makes it more noticeable, it is much worse when I lean forward. Ps said I should put weight on but I am liking my leaner, toned boobie body so I either put up with it or put weight on. Not keen for more surgery! Hope everyone is going well ?
  4. My left is 285cc & my right is 330cc. I have been trying 10D's on from Kmart as it's hard to get something nice from there in a 10dd, so tried bras & things & the 10dd was so much better, I'm not popping out the sides. I haven't been sized properly, I was going to get the girl from bras & things to size me but she was asking questions bout my son & my work, I didn't know her but she knew who I was lol so decided I would just work it out myself. The 10dd I got is a push up bra & hubby was like yowzers, you look huge haha.
  5. Hello lovely ladies, glad to hear you are doing well. It is amazing how much our boobs change once you hit the 6wk mark. Mine are soft & squishy & have dropped so much. My right still has a little way to go but the skin has to stretch so much more on the right. I'm still getting a little discomfort mainly on the right if I over do things, obviously my body telling me to just take it easy! I Bought a bra from bras & things today - a 10dd, just a bit excited. I love the size of my boobies, def no boob envy. They are big enough that I can show them off if I want & when I'm naked they are big, but in normal clothes no one would ever know, looks like I have a good padded bra on. I've only had 1 friend guess that I had some additions & that was only because I had a low cut top on & I now have cleavage lol
  6. Well 6wk check up went well. Dr M was very happy & said that for 6wks I look great & my boobs look like they are healed better than just 6 wks. My lefty is soft & actually moves a little, my right is starting to drop & soften a bit but still very tender. Went to David Jones at Bondi to get sized & feel disappointed as they don't actually size you there, the lady just gave me a few bras to try on, I think my mistake was that I said that I can't wear bras with wire yet but can in another 6wks so she gave me all wireless bras (her English was hard to understand, think we had a communication breakdown lol, she was very sweet though) Anyway I kind of worked out myself that I am a small D.
  7. Ab1990 hope your on the mend & you get better soon x
  8. That's so good you had a smooth recovery, glad all is going well
  9. I totally agree, it's like having a whole new group of friends that support each other
  10. I agree, I didn't imagine the recovery would be as hard as it has been. Not sure I would do it again but that may change, maybe we should come back in 6 months & reevaluate that lol. I have no doubt it has been worth but the last 6 weeks have not been easy!
  11. Thanks Hopeforbiggerboobs. I was hoping that I had just stirred things up. Had a very uncomfortable day yesterday. Decided to wear my po bra again for a few days, I find it does help. Still bit sore today but not as bad as yesterday, that will teach me to get ahead of myself. Hope your recovery is going well xx
  12. Hey ladies I have a question, has anyone had problems after starting back doing light weights at the gym?? I have had a week of feeling so good, hardly any pain but yesterday (2 days off my 6wk mark) decided to start some weights, I felt great doing it & nothing really hurt but today I am so sore in my boobs (no where else is sore) especially my right feels like I'm back at week 3! They are really tender to touch & the nerves are zinging abit again. I am guessing I over did it but wondering if anyone else experienced this?? (feeling paranoid I have done something bad) :-/
  13. It is so good to see that light isn't it, I thought for awhile it wasn't going to happen! I agree it has been much tougher than I expected, I was thinking it's because I am older that it's been tough but sounds like a few of us have found the same. My hubby reckons I am always playing with my boobs but it's just me being paranoid & checking where it hurts & zaps etc. lol x
  14. Wow time is flying by, so much to catch up on reading everyone's posts. Amazing that we are all different but experiencing similar things, from pain, itching, nerves zinging & zapping, to feeling down & being paranoid. So glad I have you ladies, I know that I all the things I am experiencing are similar to you all, so I guess I am normal lol. I am 5 weeks po yesterday. Things are getting so much easier, I still have some pain but not all the time. Lefty is feeling much softer & has started to drop but is super sensitive from the middle to the side under my under arm, a couple of centimeters above the incision, my arm bumps against it all the time & is not nice! Righty is a slightly different shape, I can see it but hubby had to look hard to see what I was seeing. Righty is much higher & still firm ( it was the bigger implant) I will be glad when my nipples are less sensitive! I have my 6 wk checkup with the PS Monday week, I thought I'd wait till after that to get sized, might have to visit myer while I'm in Sydney, we have 1 shop where we live that specialises in underwear but I'm not comfortable going there as its a small town & feel self conscious about it. I actually find the most comfortable bra is my compression po bra, especially when I am working, I have tried a couple of soft bras through the day but find after a big day at work I am sore & very uncomfortable. (Funny because up to the 2wk mark I couldn't wait to not have to wear it 24/7, now I wear it most days) Have to say besides all the pain & emotional roller coaster that this journey has been so far, I am loving my new addictions! Look forward to reading how all you boobilicious ladies are going x
  15. I was abit the same the first week, I was worried I had spent all that money & they weren't big enough, mine are 280cc & 330cc but they have gotten bigger. I have found in some of my clothes I look small but have some cleavage & then in other clothes I look big. I am looking at it that they are so much bigger than they were.
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