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  1. My husband was more worried for me than I was - it's all good ladies it's seriously the best decision of my life! I am 10 days post op and just can't wait to get them out and show them off! It sounds silly but I already feel so much more confident about my body and I just love them now when I really used to hate my boobs. Lol. I only had one day of regret but I seem to get a day of depression after general anesthetic. No other side effects. This forum is amazing and supportive I was so grateful a friend let me know about it I would have felt lost otherwise! We are all here for you ladies! Best of luck!!
  2. Oh yeah the arms felt weird after surgery too. And my ribs just around under my implant. It's actually a pretty traumatic thing to put your body through but yes - you should notice improvement in the first week. ☺
  3. Hey Lou! I stacked two normal pillows then a jumbo boomerang just in front of it - the real life saver was my travel neck pillow, you know those foam C shape pillows? It prevents you from rolling in your sleep. Oh and if your sharing a bed - I put our body pillow in between us to prevent any sleep groping... lol. I'll take a pic of my pillow fort to show you what I mean when I get out of bed. ☺ oh and if you got oxys - they pretty much knock u out and keep you from moving, I just took mine at night just as I'd gotten into bed.
  4. hey well done! it's all totally normal... just take the pain meds you got given/prescribed and you'll be sweet. I'm 10 days post op and my leftie is the more uncomfortable one... I actually went as big as Dr Phil would do and I had a width of 12 and went 440 textured rounds under the muscle... I only had one day where I regretted it because of post general blues. Hang in there! It's worth it!!
  5. Hey there! Post op apt went well today. Dr Phil was happy with my progress. I am having to wear a band to assist with dropping but that was to be expected because I was so small and went so big! Husband took the instructions for massage as well - think he is very happy to be able to finally have a play with them! going back in 3 weeks instead of 6 as Dr Phil wants to check on me sooner which just makes me feel so much more comfortable about him. I feel like he really cares! Which is nice. ☺
  6. Hey ladies I'm a week post op and everything is going great! Have my post op appointment tomorrow afternoon and can't wait to finally have a proper shower after! Haven't had any wound seepage or bleeding at all - really hope Dr Richardson is happy with my recovery as I have been stoked! I've had my mother in law staying with us taking care of me so I've been following all the rules. No lifting or doing anything that gets the heart rate up. My husband and are are just disappointed about the no sex for four weeks rule... I keep showing them to him everyday though
  7. Hi I'm a smoker and am a week post op. Dr Richardson suggested I cut back in the lead up and to just not smoke on the day of surgery. I've been smoking after my surgery and I seem to have no problems. My post op appointment is tomorrow afternoon so I will see what he thinks of my wound recovery. He also said that he thinks there is no real issue with smoking with breast implants. I think the stress of trying to quit puts extra stress on your system when you are already putting your body through a traumatic experience. They ask questions on your surgery form about how much you smoke as well so I think they expect that they will operate on people who smoke. Will let you know if he has any comments tomorrow about it. I haven't had any wound seepage or bleeding and my dressings look clean as. Don't know if the smoking has affected that in any way but yeah - will let you know what he says.
  8. I have just had my 440cc textured rounds done yesterday by Dr Phil. It went amazingly well... just trying to figure out how to upload pics but will do so as soon as I figure it out. Oh and was barely an a cup before surgery. I'll be in touch.
  9. hey Betty! I'm scheduled for midday, need to be there at 11. My husband will be there to take me home after. So close now! Are you excited as?
  10. Hey ladies I'm on 18th may with Dr Phil Richardson 440cc textured round. I'm so damn excited! So is my husband for that matter. I've been bio oiling my boobs in preparation... there's going to be a lot of stretching cos I'm so tiny... another great product I'm going to use when the wound heals is Scarsil which is meant to be great for scars. Cheaper one I've found also is a Bepanthen scar treatment that has a groovy little applicator that massages the scar as you apply the gel. I am determined to do everything right to ensure best recovery - which includes quitting smoking. I'm mainly concerned about post general depression as I experienced that severely after a past procedure - I thought the world was ending and couldn't stop crying but someone suggested I should exercise in the lead up to raise my serotonin levels before surgery to help combat the blues Post op. Have also heard magnesium is good to take after as well. Best wishes to you all!!
  11. That's the day after my surgery - best of luck! I'm having mine done at the Pacific day surgery total cost 10050 which includes anesthesia and clinic fees. I think it gets a little cheaper if you get him to do it at another clinic but I wanted the first available surgery date which was at Pacific day surgery. Hope you find Dr Phil as comfortable as I did. ☺
  12. Hi ladies, long time viewer, first time posting. I am having my breast augmentation done next week with Dr Phil from brisbane plastic and cosmetic surgery and I'm so excited! my husband and I felt extremely comfortable during our consult that I knew straight away that my little Itty bitty titties were in great hands!
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