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    Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty with Dr Suchart 27.12.12
    lasik eye surgery 3.01.12
    all Bangkok hospital
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    27.12.12 Dr Suchart
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    175cm/60kg/10 b-c

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  1. Hiya, I have the same problem..... been waiting now +8 months post op and my left is not exactly the same as the right (perfect to me), you can tell now there is about 1cm difference between the 2 crease (which wasnt the case post op). when I had mine done they were perfectely symmetrical and then I noticed the left stopped dropping for some reason, I am still massaging like mad... I had a consult and it's likely I will need to have a scar realese, surgeon explained that the 2 pockets could be perfect but the wound can heal with a mind on its own. as everyone say it's early days for you an
  2. thanks, I am just looking for a point of reference if someone has been in the same situation with this hospital.
  3. Thanks, problem is that I live in London for the moment but not for long, going back to sydney in December to study. I am not australian citizen so I don;t think I am allowed to have medicare. I wanted to go back to thailand cause my surgeon knows my case for one and it's on my way to sydney anyway.
  4. Hello Everyone, just a quick question, does any of you know if bangkok hospital offers to do a revision for free or reduce the price if you contract a CC or not happy with the result? I had my BA back in december... all good they were really symmetrical but few months down the line my left breast did not drop as much as the other, I consult a doctor here and he rulled out CC, he said it is probably my scar tissue (under the breast incision) not allowing my left breast to drop in the pocket. he said he would be a easy procedure to do (local anastesia) but he adviced me to go to back my S
  5. hey, I went alone, everyone warned me that I shouldn't because of the pain management... after the op I was IN A LOT OF PAIN, like crazy... I'have asked to stay an extra night at the hospital and then I got discharged. I think it is do able to be honest, just be well prepared, stock food and water in your hotel and have everything handy, the first 5 days was really painful- day 6 was ok and by 7 i was out and about shopping and stuff... my recovery went from really bad to really good within a week. I would go back in a heart beat, thai are lovely and will def help you if you need
  6. well I have mod+ in my left I have 375CC mentor mod+ and right 400CC mod+ mentor, projection at 4 cm and 12 cm in dia for both implant. my right breast was smaller only 11cm dia and got the bigger implant. I have great cleavage but this depends of your chest wall, I had some cleavage to start with. I wanted a natural look but I don't think it's really the case now, I have quite a lot of upper fullness which does look a bit fake... now they are there I don't mind that look and make the most of it ;-)
  7. . Even at 2 months ish post op I need reassurance... Put your mind at ease to see the change in shape etc... Happy to help! :-)
  8. http://www.orangecountycosmeticsurgery.com/breast-augmentation-healing-process/ Interesting article wish I had read that before my op!
  9. Bloating... constipation was HORRENDOUS!!!! litteraly could not go to the toilet for 5 days! I drunk so much water and took some laxatif but no nothing.... I was so over it that I went get a colonic!!! such a relief! felt so much lighter after
  10. I agree with rose2704, each brand has they own "profile measurement" I got smooth Mod+ from mentor and the projection is 4cm.... for me they look like high profile! have too much upper fullness for my liking...
  11. HI, I did some fraxel treatement, I did improve my acne scars but they are still there, they are quite deep in my cheek and I absolutely HATE them!!!! I am trying some chemical peels, did some glycolic and salicylic some time back, my skin was glowing and radiant (scars still there mind you) Ive order some TCA (much stronger than glycolic) peel at 25% and going try that. I think these chemical peel works great on improve skin tone, freckles and fine lines too. Wish I could get a skin graft on my cheeks lol ;-)
  12. hello there, I had lasik surgery done in January at bangkok hospital! everything went really well... I cant speak highly enough of the docteur who gave my eye sight back! You should get it done you would not regret it
  13. I give up myself!!! The magic of breast implant hey!!!! Comparing size is just WAY too complicated!! Your operation is soon!!! Can't wait for you to share your new size with us!!!
  14. Hiya, I'm not sure if a different implant would have been better... I'm already thinking I have enough projection with mod+.... I feel my nipple are too low and somehow my "old" breast is not "moulding" with the implant,.. Either way... My breast still need to drop or the implant has not been centered correctly... Only 9 weeks post op so waiting a little but before drawing conclusion.... But would be good to know Bangkok hospital policy in case of a redo... I'm a F cup however in clothes I look like a DD.... Such a pain to find bras... Only balconette fit properly the plunge ones ar
  15. Would like to know that too, even though I used dr Suchart, it is the same hospital... so I guess the same bureaucratic procedure... I am waiting my 3-6 months mark before thinking asking the surgeon for redo/advice.. feel that my implant are too large for me ;-(
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