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    naja08 got a reaction from DonaldNire in Realistic timeframe... help!   
    Hi girls,

    for all who have had their surgeries in thailand, do you think taking a flight 7 days after your surgery is possible???

    is the pain manageable???

    can I for instance carry my handbag?? (of course you can ask help for your luggage)

    I know everyone is very different but please share you knowledge... ;-)
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    naja08 got a reaction from MiaMiaMia in Anyone Had A Nose Job in BKK / Via Bangkok Makeovers?   
    OMG thanks so much missymoo this is exactly the kind of review I wanted to hear and this def tell me I am taking the right decision!!!

    regarding the recovery I will have to leave bangkok 9 days after the surgery, will it be enough to take out the suture and be all good to fly??? i am staying 3 weeks in Bangkok but the doc told me i should wait at least 2 weeks between my lasik and the rhino, so I ll try to squeeze everything in. ;-)

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    naja08 got a reaction from ersko72 in Some advice for a newcomer!   
    hey AussiGuy,

    I am due to have rhinoplasty in December with dr Suchart at bangkok hospital,
    background on my nose, I have a deviated septum, the tip on my nose is slighty crooked (due to a punch on my nose), I have a small hump on the bridge and i'd like a the tip refined too.... ouffff so that's pettry much everything,

    in the same time Ill have a BA but not sure if this is of any interest for you,

    anyway organisation is the same, you can contact some facilitors, they'll organise everything for you, I personally booked everything myself, been to thailand many times and I found the process super easy, the hospital really make the process smoother and try to accomodate your needs to a maximum,

    you should contact bangkok hospital bangkok, bangkok hospital phuket, bumrungrad, PIAC or dr Kunachak (yorskarn clinic) get different quote and see what the different doctors recommend for your procedure,

    good luck
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