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  1. Hey guys, me again! Not sure if anyone will even see this lol. Sorry for not responding to anyone. I wrote this and then logged off completely as I was really struggling emotionally with the situation, I just wanted to shut it all off. It's been almost four years since my surgery and they still look as bad as ever. I had no resolve with cosmeditour and the drained me of all my energy to take things any further. I'm really sorry to hear some of you had bad experiences as well but I really hoped my story helped you make some informed decisions. Lizzi, that sounds like an atrocious experience, I'm sorry they were so awful to you. And the question of who actually did your surgery is quite a concerning one. I hope you got some answers xx
  2. I've decided to write a little forum post as I have a lot of girls asking about my story/experience with cosmeditour. I apologise in advance as I say "little forum post" but it most likely won't be little haha. I flew over to Thailand to have Surgery in BPK9 hospital in Bangkok with Dr Pornthep through Cosmeditour on February 1, 2015. Before I had even arrived, I had debated with cosmeditour as to the procedure I needed as they had recommended the areola reduction and over the muscle implants of around 400cc. I was sure I would need a lift so I suggested this to them and they came back saying I would. My experience with the hospital, hotel, flights etc was amazing. Everything was organised perfectly and I was very comfortable, that is NOT where my issue lies. Following my consult with Dr Pornthep, he decided I needed the areola reduction with a donut lift and 375cc (left) and 425cc (right) dual plane implants. I had already paid in full for the areola reduction and implants but the hospital charged me extra on the day for the lift. The procedure went great, I had my follow up appointment and had a "slight" infection in the incision around my left nipple but was told it looked fine. Once I arrived home, I saw my GP as the infection only got worse, he had to put plaster stitches on and dose me with antibiotics as the incision was separating and he was scared my nipple was going to deaden. Luckily it didn't, but it did make the scarring worse. Once I got home, I was dissatisfied with my results as the lift hadn't worked. I contacted cosmeditour and was told it would be 'reviewed' by the board but was assured this is how they were meant to look. I argued with them over e-mail and their replies became fewer and farther between. (The last 2 e-mails I sent them were never replied to). Anyways, I went over my invoices and old e-mails as I had been told before I left that the areola reduction is included in the cost of a breast lift, so if I had to have a lift while I was over there, I wouldn't be charged for both procedures (I was concerned about costs, so questioned everything) but once I added everything all up, I had paid for the areola reduction as well as the lift. When I questioned cosmeditour about this they said they contacted the hospital but they were sure it wasn't a mistake as my procedure was "complicated". I kept e-mailing about having the excess payment refunded and they kept saying they hadn't heard back from the hospital but I probably wouldn't receive anything back, I then decided to contact the hospital directly, to which they responded within two days admitting to the error and ensuring a refund (which I did eventually receive) on the excess payment. Cosmeditour did not help me with this one bit. As time went on I was increasingly unhappy with my surgery results. The lift had not worked as all (I easily fail the 'pencil test'), my left breast has an indent underneath which flattens out the breast. The implants seem to have slipped far too low down, my areolas have not been 'reducted' at all and are still literally the exact same size, except now I have a 1cm indent around my entire nipple that makes them look like top hats. (I will not be posting pictures here, instead I can message them to you on facebook). Basically, I look in the mirror and cry. I wasted a massive chunk of my finances and put myself into hardship for something I thought would give me a confidence boost and now I feel like a deformed monster. Cosmeditour have not helped. They will sometimes take weeks to respond, if at all. And somehow make you feel at fault. They have said they have passed the information to the surgery board for review, however I have never had an update on how this is going and I'm not confident they have even bothered to pass it on (that's just my opinion - I can't know that for sure). I paid extra before having surgery to cover myself for liability should I be dissatisfied with my results. That's what I was told - that I would have my expenses covered for revision surgery, so of course I thought I was being smart by paying extra for this because Cosmeditour seems like an integral company that cares about their clients satisfaction. However, once everything was said and done, Cosmeditour did nothing to help. They will drag out response time, which seems to me to be to stall until the insurance policy that is taken out with them has expired (it has a life of 12 months), when I did receive responses, they would not respond directly to questions or sometimes even ignore points I had brought up. I was part of their cosmetic surgery support forum on facebook where many other girls who traveled through them would as questions, get advice, share stories etc. I simply shared my story and asked for advice and was removed from the forum without warning. I was sent an e-mail explaining that I had been removed from the forum, to which I responded with queries about th progress of my review and never received a response (this was in May). I have since received messages from other women who have been removed from the forum for trying to share their stories as well. I'm at a loss as to where to go from here, seeing as the insurance lapses next month so anyone with any information or who may be experiencing something similar, please please get in touch with me.
  3. Hi Girls, I am 2 months post op. Cosmeditour were great in the lead up, but since surgery have been HORRIBLE. It has put such an awful taste in my mouth about the whole experience and I regret ever going with them. My surgery was botched and they tried and tried to justify it and made me feel like an idiot, even though I was right. Also, I was over charged 29000 baht and they would not refund it, until I went straight to the hospital and they instantly refunded me and realised their mistake. Cosmeditour tried to make excuses and justify it so I didn't get a refund, otherwise they wouldn't get as high of a commission. Then once the refund was processed, they waited until the dollar value dropped significantly to transfer the money to me so they didn't have to give me as much $AUD. This is just the beginning of it... I could go on for hours
  4. If there is one thing I cannot stress enough, it is this: PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH COSMEDITOUR. I have had nothing but nighmarish experiences with them and it has left me absolutely regretting my entire experience
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