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  1. Thanks so much new me :-) your situation sounds similar to mine, the sagging when I bend over is horrible :-( but its only on my right and I think its just because the implant is too high, my skin is sagging underneath now as well ....... it is certainly very hard on here, I actually find it quite depressing, but am very thankful for the support as well. My surgeon agrees that I have a problem with the right implant but wants to wait 6 months before making any decisions, I like you don't expect things to change, I actually think its getting worse. I hope you get a good outcome, let me know how things go for you xx

  2. Oh! That's good that it's getting better newme! Hopefully it will just keep fading & disappear completely over time..... Hopefully it doesn't come to a revision xoxo I've been good, can't complain xoxo Have you had your 3 month check up yet? :)

  3. Hey gorgeous, aww thanks so much for your message:) My crease is still there:( but is getting better all the time ... yay! Im really not that happy to be completely honest with you. Im thinking I may need a revision. Maybe should have gone overs and a bigger implant, I dont really know. Dr H reckons I should wait at least 9 months before we think of doing anything about it and I guess as long as it keeps improving, hes probably right. I just hate the fact that I got my boobs done and basically replaced one problem with another, its kinda depressing:( Hes been awesome though, and I know that if I do need a revision, he will do it for me. Anyways, enough about me how are you going?

  4. Hey newme :) Thought I'd drop by to say hello!! :D How have you been? How's that pesky crease going? :) Can you believe it's been 3 months (almost for you) ? How quick has that time gone!! Hope to hear from you soon :) xoxo

  5. Hey bcylou, I just wanted to say to ya, I know what it feels like to be unhappy. I still have a double fold issue that I have decided to give 6 months before I want revision. What has your surgeon said about all of this? Mine seems to think that my boobs will correct themselves, but I dont think they will - Im more than 2 months post op now, and mine too look like they hang when I bend over. i think I needed a bigger implant and to go overs. Anyways let me know ( I hardly get on here anymore either, its hard when there are so few with issues) thinking of you xo

  6. Hi mytime, Everyone is different and you probably dont wanna hear this but I still find it a little uncomfortable sleeping on my tummy and Im nearly 2 months post op!! I also had that feeling like my muscle was sqeezing my implant, but that seems to have gone now;)
  7. thanks chick, i love my girls!! will try get some photos up soon.. how are you travelling along??

  8. just wondering what size you ended up and what cc you had put in. im 5 weeks away till my surgey so getting my head around the big change coming :-)

  9. Hey gurl, Got on here to check out your pics and there aint any!!!! Would love to have a look, let me know when you can get some up...the girls look GREAT in your avatar xo

  10. Hey freidabc, Im sending a FR so I can check out ya pics;)
  11. Has anyone heard of Dr Revis in Florida? Well he is apparently "the go to man" for anything boobies(look him up) ...I asked him about the whole old crease thing, and here is his reply. Also asked about revision if necessary quote... "Good morning, Sometimes lowering the creases is necessary to perform the operation properly, and a double bubble can result. Fortunately most of these go away within 3-6 months, so I would give it at least that long to see!"
  12. Hey chicka, thought Id better post here in case you didnt see it in the thread. ive accepted your FR:D Sorry that my inbox was full xo

  13. Yep, that was the same with me! There was a BIG difference in the 315s and the 360s when I tried them on in the office. But in saying that, I was a B cup and as I have said my 360s have taken me (so far) to a full D. Everyone is sooo different, but my advise would be that when you like a size go a size bigger and obviously (judging by what your doc told you) with your style of implant the next size is 295. Stick with it, you wont be dissapointed;) I too was SOOO worried (check out my posts - Im a Mum and didnt wanna be like "oh shes had a BOOB JOB") about going too big and to be honest, at first I thought GOD what have I done! But now the swelling is gone, I think I picked the perfect size. They dont look too big at all, at least in clothes anyways - but I have the WOWSERS factor in the bedroom xo
  14. Hey:) Personally I think they look smaller now that they are in. When I made the sizers, even my hubby said "woah, they are waaaay too big - go the smaller size" but now they are in (and the swelling has subsided a bit) they definately look ALOT smaller than the rice sizers. Oh and hubby LOVES them...they do look bigger or should I say POW when Im naked, but under clothes they just look normal. HTH x
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