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  1. Hi mytime, Everyone is different and you probably dont wanna hear this but I still find it a little uncomfortable sleeping on my tummy and Im nearly 2 months post op!! I also had that feeling like my muscle was sqeezing my implant, but that seems to have gone now;)
  2. Hey freidabc, Im sending a FR so I can check out ya pics;)
  3. Has anyone heard of Dr Revis in Florida? Well he is apparently "the go to man" for anything boobies(look him up) ...I asked him about the whole old crease thing, and here is his reply. Also asked about revision if necessary quote... "Good morning, Sometimes lowering the creases is necessary to perform the operation properly, and a double bubble can result. Fortunately most of these go away within 3-6 months, so I would give it at least that long to see!"
  4. Yep, that was the same with me! There was a BIG difference in the 315s and the 360s when I tried them on in the office. But in saying that, I was a B cup and as I have said my 360s have taken me (so far) to a full D. Everyone is sooo different, but my advise would be that when you like a size go a size bigger and obviously (judging by what your doc told you) with your style of implant the next size is 295. Stick with it, you wont be dissapointed;) I too was SOOO worried (check out my posts - Im a Mum and didnt wanna be like "oh shes had a BOOB JOB") about going too big and to be honest, at
  5. Hey:) Personally I think they look smaller now that they are in. When I made the sizers, even my hubby said "woah, they are waaaay too big - go the smaller size" but now they are in (and the swelling has subsided a bit) they definately look ALOT smaller than the rice sizers. Oh and hubby LOVES them...they do look bigger or should I say POW when Im naked, but under clothes they just look normal. HTH x
  6. Hi, we have the same stats Although since my surgery Im sure Ive put on a few kilos:( But anyways, I was a B cup before surgery, and my doc said that the 315s would get me a full C/small D. I reckon 295s should get you that size. I got 360s and at my 1 week appointment my doc said I was a nice full D. Honestly, they dont feel or look as big once they are in;)
  7. Thanx MissSj, yeah there is an improvement in the crease, and I am starting to really like the size. I thought they were too big for a while. My surgeon (and of course, research I have done) say that it can take about 3 - 6 months. It happens when they lower your crease to make room for the bigger implant, and because I had a tight crease to begin with, it needs to strech and fill out.
  8. Thanx my boobie sista - yeah, the crease is slowly getting better x
  9. Oh sorry chic, gonna clear it out now xo
  10. Bahahaha...well we waited aweek, it was a bit strange at first (coz well, you feel a bit sore still but really want the puppies involved haha) It just keeps getting better and better LMAO
  11. Woohoo..here is a toast to the August girls!!! Post op...congrats, its been so good hearing all our stories. Pre op...YAY!!!! Not long for you guys now, Ill be watching this space. Much luv to all of ya's xo
  12. haha isnt it funny...when we fill our boobs to say bye to stretchies its fine, but we dont wanna fill out tummies/thighs or butts to get rid of them, just sayin lol!!
  13. Hey boobiemumma, Mine do seem like they have stretched out quite a bit but unfortunately, they are still there. Check out my before pics though and you will see there is a masive difference! You cant really notice them now;)
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