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    Dr Kim Harwood
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    Height: 157cm, Weight 47kg, Current bra size: deflated B

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  1. Hi hun. I've just been wearing a non-wireless bra from Bras and things and they are great honestly. I brought them when the financial years sales wear on - went back a couple of days ago to see how much they were and there about $70 -80 for a set of 2 =. Do you also know how long we need to wear a croptop/support bra 24/7 like to bed and everything... i thought it was 6 weeks but i might be wrong. Agh dont get me started on my boobs - I've started to just forget about them all together. There in now i cant really do anything about it until i get them redone again. Somedays i just feel as if i've had nothing done to them =(

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