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    BA 390 cc hp
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    Dr Anh Nguyen, 26 August 2015
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    166 cm, 56 kg , 10B before surgery, 10DD after surgery

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  1. I've also got Silimed textured implants and experience some issues like inflammation ,pain in breast etc. ive been to see my original surgeon about a explant surgery and will go ahead with it once I have saved up the money for it . I just don't feel comfortable with the implants anymore and want them out! ?
  2. Hi Elle thanks, let me know how you go. I've been to my original surgeon and she is confident to remove the implants and do fat grafting at the same time. Just have to deceide on a date yet however with summer just around the corner I might wait until March / April next year as well save some more money ?
  3. thanks ! did you find that your breast are looking similar as before augmentation? Obviously not straight after surgery but now ? I just unsure what to do!
  4. Hello all, it's been a while since I've visited this forum ! I had my breast augmentation 3 years ago . I do experience some issues/ pain / discomfort with one of my breasts as well just don't feel comfortable with them anymore . I went back to my surgeon today to discuss explant surgery. My surgeon did suggest some fat grafting at the same time when implants come out. anyone on here who did this ? What would you do?? Just remove the implants and hope the breast end up looking ok ? Or do fat grafting ? Any help or ideas would be awesome ?
  5. I'm almost 12 months post op, 390cc unders- mine are quite squishy but if I lay on my back there are firm. Not rock hard but you can feel the implants more , if this makes any sense
  6. I went with Dr Anh and I can highly recommend her! She is amazing and I'm very happy with my result ?
  7. I've been with Dr Anh Ngyuen. She us amazing! My boobs look very natural, exactly what I wanted! Please feel free to send a friend request if you want to see pics ?
  8. Mine roll to the side too. I wanted a natural results so I'm happy with that
  9. I had to remove my sns nails before surgery
  10. Hey, I was and still am wearing a sport bra from Bess and less. Very comfy and cheap ?
  11. Hi, I'm 166cm and 56 kg and have 390cc HP under muscle and mine look very natural. Please feel free to send a friend request if you'd like to see pics
  12. Hey, I had my surgery with Dr Anh. Very pleased with the result. I got exactly what I wanted and the before and after care is brilliant. She made the hole process a breeze and answered every possible question I had ? I highly recommend her. I had consultation with 3 surgeon before I deceided who I'm going with. You just have to go with a surgeon you feel very comtorbale with and believe she/he can get you the result you are after. Please send a friend request if you'd like to see pics
  13. Hey, I'm 166cm and 56 kg . I've got 390 cc under muscle round. I was a deflated b cup before and now a DD. Please send a friend request if you want to see pics
  14. I'm 6 months post op and mine have started softening a few weeks ago. There are not super squishy yet but we are getting there ?
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