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  1. Ages, like months & months after I submitted my paperwork. What do you mean by was I told personally? Which bit?
  2. Love love love my boobs - I was tuberous & my BA was worth every cent. I’ve even had a baby since & still love them even though they’ve changed (way more natural & sit in a push up bra better). Nerves before an op are totally normal. I was nervous even right up to being on the operating table! good luck!
  3. Yep! I was out of the gym for a good 4-6 months with strenuous/heavy weighted upper body stuff so bear that in mind for the fitness side of things (pushups/chin-ups etc). Otherwise there shouldn’t be a drama for you. ?
  4. Siltape. You can’t see my scars at all 2.5 years PO.
  5. I didn’t wear push up bras for about 12 months, if not longer. It takes time. Relax & enjoy the process!
  6. I didn’t breastfeed at all. It was a personal choice & yes, having implants was a consideration (but not solely the reason). My milk still came in even after I had tablets to stop it, so I’m sure I could’ve breastfed if I wanted to. Most people still successfully breastfeed after having a standard BA as surgery doesn’t usually affect the milk ducts (from my understanding). It certainly goes SO quick! Congratulations on surviving your first 4 months! Haha. Gosh, how exciting for you! I can’t wait to get my boobs redone. They still look pretty good though, I think, considering. ?
  7. 33. Silicone 390cc anatomical. Natural deflated D, now a full E. Hoping for a redo within the next 5 years due to last years pregnancy.
  8. Pictures online (websites/instagram/forum etc)! I only had one consult & was very happy so went ahead.
  9. @pink butterfly @Wanting boobs In the meantime Alexis Smith lingerie is meant to be made for implants. I got a bra a few years back & it was ok. Victorias Secret add 2 cup sizes is awesome if you can stand underwire!!!
  10. I was going to then fell pregnant!? Future goals. ?
  11. I lived in Panache wirefree sports bras during the day & my post op bra at night (which I actually loved wearing). It also depends on your bra size - anything over a D cup & I find your wirefree options are quite limited (although it’s slowly getting better) I still don’t often wear underwire at 2.5 years post op.
  12. Boobs, tan & dogs on point girl!!!? Happy boobieversary.
  13. Thanks! If I had kids on the cards before I’d have definitely waited!! My husband & I had been married 5 years & had decided not to have kids when we fell pregnant, so yeah, whoops. Lol. Getting implants was still the best decision though. ?
  14. Hey ladies. So I'm almost 6 months postpartum now (crazy how fast the time has gone!). I'm yet to get some decent post pregnancy pics of my boobs - my phone photography skills must've been thrown out with the placenta. When I do I'll put them in my album so if you want to see them you'll need to be my gallery friend. Long story short for those ladies wanting implants now but also considering children soon (within a few years)....WAIT! While my boobs are still WAAAAAY better than what they were pre-BA, I don't love them as much now as before I was pregnant. They look much more natural though, so that's a plus, but I feel they don't sit as well or perky as they did. I'm not as comfortable going braless even though I still can, but I AM still carrying around 4/5 extra kg's from pregnancy. I'm now considering a revision much sooner than I would like (in the next 5 years or so, about 7 years from my original BA) but I'm looking at it as a way to go bigger, sooner. If you have plenty of $$$ to spend on plastic surgery and don't mind a revision after kids, do it before kids & enjoy them. But if you're like most of us & only wanna pay for your boobs once and have them look good for a long, long time, my experience is to wait until you're done having children.
  15. If it’s not too uncomfortable you can always lay on your side for your massage. I did this for months post BA & also all during my pregnancy. It’s still works & feels amazing!
  16. Why don’t you go anyway? You might like the guy! I had my BA with him & am very happy. You don’t have to believe or agree with every review on the internet (as awesome as this forum is).
  17. I’m doing well, and thanks! And you’ve reminded me that I must update my post pregnancy boobs thread!?
  18. Definitely wait! I had a baby 2 years post BA & they have changed a fair bit. They still look good & more natural after pregnancy but I liked them more before I fell pregnant. For me now it’s just a good excuse to get a redo earlier than originally planned. ?
  19. I bought a few wirefree Panache sports bras when I got the all clear from my surgeon, about 3 weeks post op. I didn’t seriously start buying bras until about 3-6 months post op when everything settled down.
  20. I needed some wirefree Bras 3 weeks post op & didn’t want crop tops. I was sized then (10F) & went down 1 cup size after 12 months (to 10E) but I also lost a bit of weight. My 10F Bras still fit though. ?
  21. Honestly? About 12 months for me to completely forget they were there. I felt comfortable after about 3 months but still had the odd niggle and it felt weird to bend over for AGES.
  22. I also still wear a crop to bed at 2 years post op to prevent sagging.
  23. I also got a personal loan through my bank. I made sure I could pay the loan out early if I wanted to with no early exit fee - a good loan feature to have.
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