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    Rhinoplasty in Feb 2016.
    Planning for endoscopic brow lift, upper blephroplasty and porcelain veneers for 2018.
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    Dr Montien 20/02/16
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  1. Yes Dr Montein is such a great surgeon and I so want him to do my next surgery but if he doesn't feel comfortable working outside his area of expertise then I will have to trust his judgement. It sucks because I really want this done but it isn't going to happen if I can't find a surgeon that I trust completely. Sorry to hear about your disappointing arm lift outcome Barbara. It's a real shame Cosmeditour aren't more helpful when there are issues...I have heard the same complaint from others also. I hope you can resolve it with an outcome you are happy with. Tracey, your facelift looks absolutely amazing! You must be so happy with it. Dr Montein is truly an artist.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm calling on anyone who has had facial surgery in Thailand to please share their story with me. I very much want an endoscopic brow lift and upper blephroplasty but it's so so difficult to find any info on overseas facial surgery. Meanwhile it seems like every gal and her grandma are jet-setting off to Thailand for a new pair of boobs! I initially wanted the procedures done by Dr Montien as I was happy with the job he did on my nose a while ago but he informed me this isn't his area of expertise. He recommended Dr Seree or Dr Nond instead. I've been put off Dr Seree after reading some bad reviews but I'm still considering Dr Nond. I have heard some bad things about him also but it seems this may have stemmed from a smear campaign by one disgruntled patient...It's just such a major decision but I really do want this done. I just wish there was more information out there. If you have anything to share PLEASE do so! Thanks guys and gals
  3. Hi Maggie May, you must have had your surgery by now. Would you mind telling me how it all went? I'm considering a brow lift and upper bleph with Dr Seree. Would love to get feed back from some of his other facial surgery patients.
  4. I had a rhino in Bangkok with Dr Montien 2.5 years ago. I am quite happy with the result. My nose isn't perfect but it is such a huge improvement, it's definitely been worth the money (I think all up with flights and accom it cost me about $8000). I also wanted to get upper blephroplasty to fix my hooded eyelids. I'm only 27 and I am Caucasian but I have genetically very baggy eyelids that I hate. Dr Montien said that in order for the effect of the blephroplasty to be long lasting I would probably need a brow lift at the same time. Since the rhino was already a big surgery we decided not to go ahead with the eye surgery at the time. I'm hoping to have my eyes done this year now. I highly recommend Dr Montien, he was very professional and I really felt he was honest about the result he could give me.
  5. Hi guys, Going to Phuket in a few days and I'm wondering if it's worth getting my teeth whitened there. I think I may need a filling too. Checking out prices at Bangkok Hospital Phuket and a few other of the larger dental clinics and the zoom whitening doesn't seem any cheaper than Australian prices. Can anyone recommend a great dentist in Phuket with reasonable pricing? Also is zoom the way to go or are there other options for whitening as I have heard zoom can be painful?
  6. I've been vegetarian for about 5 years for ethical reasons. Would love to go vegan but it's just so hard in this society and overall just too restrictive. I got used to not eating meat very quickly though and started to feel a lot better pretty quickly. Definitely in the best shape of my life and I think vegetarian diets are so much healthier for you than eating meat. I commend people who are able to stick to the vegan diet, I only drink soy milk but I wouldn't be able to live without my chocolate and cheese! That said a yummy vegan diet is possible but it would require a LOT of research and meal prep at home. Best of luck with it all!
  7. Hey there, I don't have all that much knowledge on plastic surgery in India or South America but I'll give some advice to not rush into things and find the cheapest deal you can. Rhinoplasty can be quite a tricky surgery and you want a surgeon who knows what he's doing, preferably someone who specialises in noses. $3000 is very low for flights and surgery, I can't see you getting that price anywhere reputable. Keep doing your research and take your time with it, you can always save up more money and pay a bit of a higher price for a good result. I bad result will be far more expensive and you don't want to end up regretting it. I had a pretty good experience in Thailand with rhino but it was quite a bit more than what you are looking to pay, about $9000 for surgery, flights and accommodation. Good luck and good on you for getting out of an abusive relationship, you are very brave
  8. Has anyone had any experience with the LCA at Chadstone? I want to get mine done there, wondering who the best injector is
  9. Hi MissEB, all in all surgery went pretty well I think. The surgery itself took 6 hours as I needed a lot of work done, dorsal hump removal, straightening of the bridge, correction of my deviated septum and shortening of the tip. Dr M is an excellent surgeon and very kind and lovely bedside manner, it really puts you at ease. I had almost no bruising post op despite my nose being broken, which was great. I had quite a lot of swelling, most of which has gone down now. In terms of the way my nose looks, it is definitely a big improvement, the bridge is much straighter and overall it looks better. The hump on the bridge is unfortunately still there although it is reduced quite a bit. Under the Drs instruction I am keeping it taped and pressing it down regularly and I'm hoping it will disappear. It's probably too soon to tell how happy I am with the results but so far I don't regret my decision and I would recommend Montein if you want rhino in Thailand!
  10. Thank you for sharing Cinny! I will have to start a list of things I need to buy before going over there. I hope that I will manage to stay calm and unemotional during recovery, although I've heard a lot of people have minor freak outs on days 2-4 because the bruising and swelling looks so bad. I'll just have to try to remember that's normal! I'm glad to hear you have a good opinion of Dr Montien. Is your son liking his results so far?
  11. My surgery with Dr M is now only 2 weeks away and I'm soo nervous! Mostly I'm afraid of complications or ending up with a nose that I don't like/wasn't worth the thousands of dollars I'm spending. I'm also having an upper blephroplasty at the same time so I feel like my face is going to be a horrible, red, swollen mess for the days following. I've read that it's generally ok to go back to work 2 weeks post op but I'm having my doubts about this. I REALLY hope it's true and all by bruising goes down quickly because I have to be back at uni on the 7th of March and I think I would die of embarrassment if it was obvious I had surgery. Would love to hear your rhino stories or general tips on surgery in Thailand, what to bring, how to speed up recovery etc. If anyone has any questions about my experience I will keep you updated as I go!
  12. Does anyone know anywhere reputable in Bangkok to get lip injections? Preferably Juvederm
  13. I'll let you know next month when I have gone through with it! If you are seriously considering a rhino in Thailand I think Dr M is definitely someone you can have confidence in and he is considered by many to be the best rhino surgeon in Thailand. I have gone through an agency - Cosmeditour. I'm not sure if it is more expensive or not, they say it isn't. All up for the surgeries at the World Medical Centre (I am having upper blephroplasty at the same time), 5 star accommodation and flights it has cost me $10,000. It does seem like quite a lot and I'm sure there are cheaper ways to do it. I suspect I would have been paying about $15,000 - 20,000 for the two procedures in Australia with a surgeon of similar prestige to Dr M. I booked only about 2 months in advance so I don't think you would have to wait too long for a surgery date.
  14. Did you get a quote for removal from the derm? I have a similar birthmark on my arm which I am not fond of (grows dark, thick hair ewwww). I'm having PS in thailand next month though so maybe I should have it removed there.
  15. Pole is so much fun! It doesn't even feel like a workout (except for the next day when your muscles are aching haha) You will build upper body strength really fast, I could barely do a push up when I started. It's really social and a great confidence boost too Very easy to get addicted to!
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