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  1. You guys are the best, thanks for your suggestions! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow so I will see if I can get some mild sleeping tablets
  2. RoxyA


    Hey!! It is really hard to be able to know how much time you will need until you have had the surgery and know how your body reacts to it. You can't use other people's experiences as judgment. For example, I had mine on Friday and went back to work on Tuesday (probably could have gone back Monday) but others on here took HEAPS longer to recover fully. All I can say is I definitely would NOT go back to work until earliest Wednesday (TCI recommends 3-5days after surgery for recovery before returning to a desk job) - one day is definitely not enough. Remember your body will be in enough shock trying to heal itself and even if you are relatively pain free like I was, you still need to rest or your recovery will take a lot longer. Hope that helps!!
  3. Hey ladies, so I had my surgery last Friday (today is day 5 post op) and have had a relatively painless recovery so haven't really needed the painkillers but I am having trouble sleeping as its so uncomfortable trying to sleep upright. I don't have any sleeping tablets, I do have Valium but not sure if I can take these or what I can do to help this! I am back at work now too so the lack of sleep isn't helping at all.. Any suggestions??
  4. Good luck Chloe! I had my surgery with Dr Dash last Friday I can't really suggest any good questions, just ask anything that worts you or you need clarification on. I didn't have many questions as TCI are very thorough and explain everything so well.. Send me a msg if u have any questions!
  5. Thanks for the replies ladies! Feeling seems to be slowly coming back! Pheew!
  6. Thanks for your input ladies! Sounds like I shouldn't be stressing out too much about it, I will contact TCI and see what they say too! Gosh I feel huge at the moment, can't wait for the swelling to go down, I feel like a body builder! Haha
  7. They are closed today and tomorrow because of the public holiday so thought I would see if anyone else had the same thing. I have been relatively pain free which is great, just a bit worrying I'm still numb! Hopefully I get some feeling back soon!!
  8. Morning ladies, about to fly out back to Perth! Had the surgery on Friday morning! Everything has gone so well, much better than I had expected. Dr Dash was good, quite full of himself (as most cosmetic/plastic surgeons are) and I could tell he is very over qualified for what he is doing at TCI, he was telling me he had done 7years surgical experience and had to reconstruct breast using stomach tissue and muscles, so no need to worry about his experience. He didn't give much guidance on size which I was disappointed about and I was just left to decide completely for myself. Besides that, the staff and nurses at TCI were absolutely amazing and so happy I went with them! They answered all my questions and make you feel so at ease! I only got nervous when I walked into the surgery but they put u out almost instantly and I don't remember anything until I woke up at the hotel. I had my surgery at 7am and slept most of the rest of the day, only had one panadeine forte before bed and woke up in a bit of pain at 3am so took a endone to help get back to sleep. I was very sore when I woke up but it's more of a muscular pain so when I got up and loosened up I felt great. Have had very little pain killers since then, went out for lunch and dinner yesterday and slept quite well last night. My incisions are hurting a bit today and the taxi ride to the airport was a bit ruff but besides that I feel good!! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask, pm me!! Good luck u guys!! X
  9. Hi all, I just woke up after 2nd night post op and my arm pits, side boobs and chest area below and behind my arms is still super numb??? Is it meant to be? I can now feel the incisions a bit but otherwise pain hasn't been too bad and only had one endone to sleep on the first night and one panadeine forte in the morning and arvo. If someone could shed some light that would be fantastic as TCI is closed today and tomorrow..thanks ladies!!
  10. Hi Danielle, I have my consult on Thursday and Surgery on Friday with Dr Dash, I will let you know how I go
  11. HI Donatella, I noticed you had a revision for rupture and CC 7years later, did the CC only develop 7years later or did it build up gradually?? Also, how did the implant rupture? I have the option of CC insurance which covers 5 years after surgery, not sure if I should take it out or not! Also, were your boobs super hard before the revision and much softer now? How much did the revision cost? Sorry for all the questions!! Haha!
  12. I also have a big butt! But I am 5ft tall and 60kg, not sure how big I should go!! Can't wait to be more in proportion though. My consult is the day before the surgery so I pretty much have to choose on the spot which is a bit scary!
  13. Hi, I have my consultation with Dr Dash on Thursday and surgery on Friday, I will let you know how it goes and give you some feedback after the surgery
  14. I'm having mine on the 24th Keep the updates coming ladies, good to hear your feedback! I'm super nervous... I'm doing mine with Dr Dash at TCI
  15. Thanks heaps Sounds like you had a good experience so I am looking forward to it now, the flying part worried me but hopefully it won't be too bad! I think I will get the CC too, did they say to what degree of CC you are insured?? I know CC can be anything from just a thin layer over the breast to a large thick and painful capsule which can sometimes deform the shape of your breast. Also, did they mention if you are an interstate patient, how the measure the degree of your CC and if you are eligible for the corrective surgery?? Obviously they can't tell by photo's, they would have to feel it? I don't want to be having to fly back and forth to Sydney if this does happen to me and I'm worried it may be a bit of a scam..
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