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  1. Dr Linsell is very well priced too, not at all what I was expecting for such a qualified plastic surgeon....
  2. Has anyone here had and email ..message....sent them from sofiasaabira11 this person sent me an email saying Hi Deari saw you here plasticsurgeryforum.com.auI'm sofia, Please reply me (s**********@hotmail.com) i have something very important to tell you.Yours,sofia I emailed them and heard nothing in reply.......just wondering f anyone else has had this happen to them?
  3. Hi Ellimaree, i just post on here about Dr Malcom Linsell, I really can't say enough about him, he is so professional and has done an awesome job with me. I was told I needed a lift by other surgeons, he totally disagreed and has proved them wrong, saved me $$$$ and saved scaring and more invasive surgery. I'm now a 12D, and so super happy with them. I really was quite tiny before, no real sagging but has 3 kids two of which were twins, so my boobies had been well used! Lol I'm 43, now with 20 year old boobs! I love them, he was so caring, listens to what you want, and won't make promises he can't deliver. He even gave my husband and I his personal mobile if I we had any issues at all after surgery. My husband was totally happy with his professionalism and friendly caring personality. Extremely qualified. I'm happy to send you photos if you'd like to see his work. ?
  4. I'V DONE IT!!!! I'm so so happy, I am 5 days post op of my B/A. I went from a tiny C cup to a lovely 12D. I couldn't be happier. Obviously they are still very tender, firm and sitting quite high, but early days! And they look fab already! I ended up getting 440cc textured medium profile under the muscle. Also told by other surgeons that I needed a lift too.......NOT......didn't need it at all....... so people please be careful when you see implants at a specific price when you enquire, You are told you don't qualify as you need a lift too.....i had my procedure done in Rockhampton Qld, with an absolutely awesome Dr. Dr Malcolm Linsell, he has all the qualifications and experience. He is such a lovely caring man I really can't speak highly enough of him. He held my hand while prepping in surgery and reassured me constantly that I was in good hands, he even told me a beautiful tropical story to picture in my head before going under. He is truly meant for this type of work and has only his patients best interests at heart. I have waited so long for this and can't believe I have finally done it! *******feeling happy********** just had to share my news with all, will post some photos soon! ?
  5. I'm age 43, 173cm, 69kg, a 9 year old and identical 7 year old girls, so my little boobs took a bashing ! Thankfully I managed to avoid stretch marks completely with both pregnancies, Lol...Iv chosen 435cc under muscle round textured med profile....roll on 7th Sep......does anyone else dream about having them done....for the past few nights Iv woken grabbing my mini boobs after detailed dreams of having them done.....the wait is killing me ! Has anyone had feed back about Dr Linsell ? ?
  6. Hi, I was thinking the same too, I get 435cc done on the 7th Sep...I keep looking at other before and after photos of the same size and some look massive others don't...in the end it come down to your pre op size and how much breast tissue you actually have...plus if it's behind or in front of the mussel. I just keep reminding myself it's the right choice and I liked the size and feel when trying out the implants at my consultation...and 435 didn't look that big at all really.....did it.....!???? Lol......it's natural to second guess I'm thinking......?. 6 weeks and counting........
  7. Well, I finally got round to seeing a dr for a consult to see weather or not I needed a BL with BA and as I was told by a certain surgery.....well I don't......?????? I am so happy. I am actually book in for BA on the 7 th Sep!! I'm so happy no lift is required....I'm seeing Dr Linsell in Rockhampton. What a lovely Dr, I really can't recommend in highly enough for his consult. Listens to what you want, explains everything and anything you wish to know, he goes above and beyond to have to as comfortable and confident in your dissisions. Oh I can't wait.....! I'm going for 435cc round medium profile textured, under the muscle. My husband was so impressed with the consult too which really helps....excited much!
  8. Hi, photos are in the members Galary top left page.
  9. No face to face as of yet, was trying to do a bit of research first of who to see in Brisbane or Rockhampton. Thought if I could email a few and narrow it down, but was thrown a curve ball when told I needed a BL....
  10. I have posted some photos in the members forum, was told I needed a breast lift as well as breast implants...was hoping to have just BA.does anyone have any helpful information.....didn't think my boobs sagged ....gotta love that word....too much to need a BL too....maybe I just see my boobs differently to others.....what's your thoughts...
  11. Any of you ladies have your work done in Brisbane, if so with who and would you recommend them?
  12. Thank you so much, I will look into the information you have provided. Really appreciate it.
  13. Hi, just pic's, Iv sent them to a few places before I go traveling the distance I wanted to make sure I was booking in with the right Dr. I was told I needed a BL from The Breast Institute looking at one front profile photo.....
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