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  1. Do you know if Dr Kate does filler in the under eye trough?
  2. Pip


    I didn't know you could sleep in the enzymatic peel. I was just applying it to my wet face in the shower and leaving it for 10-15 minutes before washing it off.. Was I doing it wrong this whole time?
  3. Hi summer,daze I'm really interested in getting this done. Do you know any more about it? Where she went, how much it cost, what the filler was they used...? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi, sorry for the late response! Haven't been on this forum for a while. It's been 10.5 months since the rhino and I do like my nose more than the old one as it is smaller, but it set crooked. Noones has mentioned anything, only I can tell. I'm glad my nose is smaller and that's the main thing. It's still quite swollen and should take over a year more to settle.
  5. Mizcoco that is really concerning! It's great to hear that those ladies were looking out for you.
  6. I'm very excited for you! Hope it all goes well. I had my rhinoplasty over 3 months ago and I think it's the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Good luck!!
  7. The most obvious sign is when they've made just the one post in their member history - that's a red flag
  8. Hey Mizcoco, I still get congested too, my nose feels 50% blocked all of the time. Still early days for me so hopefully it clears up eventually. That's awesome you are seeing Dr. Montien again. Hope it goes well!
  9. Do you mean like this..? https://www.facetouchup.com/app/l.php?id=silk#
  10. Hey SG, It's healing really nicely thank you for asking I blew my nose and a stitch came out today which I was really happy about! Those stitches can get annoying just lingering haha How is yours going? Has the bump gotten any worse?
  11. Hi Smileygirl, Glad to hear Dr. Montien can do the revision but it's a little painful that you'll be out of pocket I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Montien at Sukhumvit Samitivej and found the hospital had exceptional standards. From reading through posts on this website, the main difference I gathered between the two hospitals was that the nurses' english at Bumrungrad was superior. All the nurses, pharmacists and staff were fluent in english and I didn't have any troubles. The hospital felt like a 5 star hotel and I can't imagine how good Bumrungrad could be if Samitivej was that amazing!! All the best with your next steps!
  12. Same here! Sleeping pills work wonders.
  13. I had my chin implant done in Thailand so I can't be much help with suggesting surgeons but I really recommend chin implants (I'm a girl). The recovery is a breeze and they make a massive difference to your profile. My chin was dimply, small and it always looked like I was mid swallow. Now my mouth and chin doesn't look as awkward.
  14. MizCoco I never would have thought cream could fix scar tissue but great to hear it worked SG that's not great to hear. We were all so happy that things were turning around for you. How long will you have to wait for a revision?
  15. 3 surgeries at minimum to correct it?????!!!! Omg my jaw is on the ground
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