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  1. Thanks hun, I'm not going to cope well with pastey skin for 4 weeks. Lol
  2. I've read in my paperwork from TCI, from 4 weeks pre surgery you need to stop fake tanning, it's probably a silly question but why is that?
  3. Mummaof3

    June 2015

    A cream I've been reccomend to use is Rosken vitamin e high potency scar and stretch Mark cream. ✌️
  4. Blbg- thanks for your reply, that's great to know. I don't think I'll have much of a choice either. Xx
  5. Oh wow really? What sort of weight are we talking? His 9kgs at the moment. So I'm guessing he would probably be around the 10kg mark by then.
  6. I'm having my surgery on the 18/6. I have 3 kids - my littlest will be 11 months old. My partner has taken 8 days of work to help while I recover. How did you cope after surgery with small kids? Will I be able to lift him? Or how long before I should be able to be lifting him?? I'm thinking about asking my mum to come and stay for a week or so after my partner goes back to work?
  7. Mummaof3

    June 2015

    CRT- no, I'm booked in with dr tang. Yea same as my mum,I think it should be ok.im so excited!! I think it's now less then 60 days away!!
  8. Mummaof3

    June 2015

    Hey CRT You are only a day or 2 ahead of me
  9. Mummaof3

    June 2015

    New to the forum, but I'm june as well!
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