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    implant removal
    Breast lift
    Maybe another augmentation - undecided
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    I have seen Mansoor Mirkazemi & Tim Brown.
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    5ft 8in 75kg was 14DD/E before deflation

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  1. Hi everyone, I recommend Mansoor Mirkazemi he is a Melb PS. I've just had my lift done with him and I'm very happy with my results :-))
  2. great news Abevemi congrats ? you will be in great hands.
  3. Hi jessiegrace, I definetly recommend Mansoor 100%. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment and go see him :-)
  4. hi jboobs, did you end up seeing Mansoor ? Have you had anything done yet ?
  5. Hi Mosk, I clicked on add me as a friend in your profile page. I think thats how I'm supposed to FR :-)
  6. Hi Mosk thanks I added you :-)
  7. Thanks donatella, I am still to work out how to do things on this site lol. :-)
  8. Hi everyone , still trying to navigate this site. Anyway my story ... I had saline implants put in many many years ago and they were replaced shortly after as they were rippling and too hard size DD/E. Then I had tear drop salines put in. They ended up being too hard in my opinion but nothing could be done I was told. Anyway one implant has deflated so I rang where I got them done and the place has changed surgeons and don't do saline anymore. I was shocked and didn't know what to do so I went on the public hospital list - that was nearly a year ago !!!
  9. Hi Rachy, I'm going to make an appointment with Tim. I'll ring Monday and take up one of the appointments Kas offered me other day. It's all getting real now
  10. Hi Dee I got reply from his site - they referred me to the real self website. Wasn't much help at all :-(
  11. Hi Mosk, thank you for your info. Today I booked a consult with Mansoor due in a couple weeks time. I have to organise my referal too. Do You have some photos of your results that you would like to share.
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