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  1. PIAC (which has since changed name) was great. The nurses were lovely and most spoke good English. Really can't fault the whole experience. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat! Which Dr are you having? I had Dr Narupon. He was such a pleasure to deal with and really listened and explained things thoroughly. But all the Dr's in Phuket are fantastic at what they do.
  2. Bra size varies depending on brand but most of mine are generally DD. I have been fitted to an E/F but find DD fits just as well. I started a with a 10B and struggled to fill that!
  3. Feel free to view my gallery. It's set to public. Similar stats and I had 425cc. Absolutely love my boobs! Would love bigger... but love em all the same!
  4. I'm nearly 9 months post op; BA and BL, under muscle, 425cc; and mine look like they should own shares in the company that makes Viagra! 😂 Seriously though.... they sit up and out with very little saggage to the side. Good thing too, after spending a small fortune on them! Definitely got that 'bolt on' look going on and moreso when laying down; not so much upright.
  5. I had Dr N for my BA/BL back in August last year; and yes, he is amazing. If I were to consider a TT he would be my "go to" Dr. He listens and understands completely. He has a very professional bedside manner but can joke around with you too. Such a lovely man. I'll be seeing him again for revision when it's due! No doubt about it. 😊
  6. Thanx babes. Yasss..... so happy with my results... couldn't have asked for better... bigger... but not better! Lol. I've seen a lot of Dr Sanguan's work and he's just as amazing. He was my second choice had Dr N not been available. But he's a bit more conservative so I hear. Whereas Dr N isn't as size conservative; however he will never go beyond what he thinks your body can't handle. I didn't really expect to get over 385cc but he was able to fit 425's. So yes, very happy! Goodluck on your journey! 😙
  7. I'm 8 months post op and I still wear a crop to bed most nights... just cheapy Kmart ones. I like to keep my boobs secure! The crops aren't hella tight but supportive enough as not to feel too restricted. Me thinks I'll be forever wearing crops to bed... to protect the assets! 😉😂
  8. I had Dr Narupon also, for BA and BL in August last year and although I used a different agency I couldn't agree more with @stargazer27. A service above and beyond; and expectations exceeded. I'm stoked with my results. Dr N is a boob god!
  9. You can usually find a surgeons profile and qualifications on the hospitals website. Follow this link http://www.plastic-surgery-phuket.com/ which should provide these details for surgeons in Phuket. My mum wasn't comfortable with me going to Thailand either.... but I assured her that I would be ok, kept in touch with constant progress updates and she's just as rapt with my results as I am; and she's happy that I'm happy. I guess it's all daunting until it's done. And then it's like, what the hell was I so worried about! Goodluck with whatever you decide.
  10. Seriously, look into Cosmeditour. They are reputable. They can answer a lot of your questions. All surgeons they use are fully qualified plastic surgeons; not cosmetic surgeons. They do packages including all transfers, accommodation, surgery and hospital costs. I understand your apprehension, as most of us are, going into something like this. But it is all above board. For the few that do have problems resulting from surgery, there are so many more that don't. Why are so many women choosing to go to Thailand if the standards over there were so poor. And to be honest, the service I received from the nurses in PIAC far outweighed any service I've received in Oz; and I've had 3 c-sections. The Thai people are extremely humble and compassionate; and nothing is ever too much bother. I will be visiting Thailand again whether it be for surgery or not. I loved being there. And I'd never been o/s before!
  11. I had a small issue with my right nipple healing. Some of the top layer of tissue started dying and peeling off; which at the time was extremely worrisome. But apparently quite common and nothing really to worry about, so my Dr said. And he was right. By the time I flew home 2 wks later it was healing nicely. Just scary at the time as I thought my whole nipple would die and fall off! I had implants and lollipop lift. I have a public album; feel free to check it out. I'm insanely proud of my new assets and my expectations going over there, the surgery and the whole process were exceeded. I researched for several months after refusing to pay over $20k for the procedure here in Cairns. I chose to go through the Cosmeditour agency as opposed to booking everything myself. Glad I did. Took a lot of the stress out of it. I went over, took hubby and teenage daughter, had connecting rooms, breakfast daily, my surgery and basically two weeks holiday all for under $15k including spending money. Not bad I say.
  12. I had surgery in Phuket in August last year. The hospital was then known as Phuket International Aesthetics Centre (PIAC) but has since renovated and changed name. My experience there was second to none. First class service, clean and lovely staff. Better than some Australian hospitals. Thailand hospitals often get a bad rap, which is unfortunate. I'd go back, and plan to for revision at a later date.
  13. At the end of the day hun, it's your decision and no one elses. Do what YOU want to do. As it's been mentioned before... those who hate are just jealous. I had the same feeling when I had mine done last August.... the whole "god... I'm approaching 40 (July)... does it look like a mid-life crisis... will I look ridiculous... do I really need to do it (that answer would always be yes)... will I be judged..." soooo many things made me doubt getting it done. But in the end I said "eff it... this is what I've wanted for over 20 years... my tits are ***** (3 kids and 30kg weight loss)... it's my body... I'll do as I please... and if people don't like it or judge me for it then that's their problem, NOT MINE!" I had 425cc round, high profile, under muscle with lollipop lift. AND COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!! Bigger maybe... but not happier! 😉
  14. Same height but fluctuate between 58-61kg and I had 425cc round, high profile, under muscle with lollipop lift. Pics are in public gallery. Whilst I'm happy with the results.... I too wish I could have gone bigger! Maybe next time.
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