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  1. CRT

    June 2015

    Im all good thanks ladies !!! Surgery was at 12pm yesterday, came home and rested. No pain as such, or real tightness, just feels as though I've pulled my armpit muscles with slight burning. Just on tramadol, and will only take half an endone at night as it knocks me around a bit. I havent been sick, but I've been under twilight sedation before and recover well to anesthetic, thank goodness.
  2. CRT

    June 2015

    Thanks honey x Im reading all about this nerve pain and im not looking fwd to it lol So im going 485 left and 450 right HP. My surgeon said ill get good cleavage but no sideboob, damn lol Who else has yet to have their surgery ?
  3. CRT

    June 2015

    My surgery is tuesday, Eeeeeek! !!
  4. I can let you know next week as I'm having my ba then and have had 2 c sections. ?
  5. Ok dont know why it didnt post my question so will type again I'm contemplating taking out the CC guarantee but wanted to weigh it all up. If I did get it, I'd still be up for costs for flights, accommodation, etc equating to around $2k+. Does anyone know costs involved in going private for revisions etc considering it would no longer be considered cosmetic at that stsge ?!
  6. CRT

    June 2015

  7. What the ladies have said is correct - depending on what state you're in (I'm in qld), if you get a secured car loan, the bank lodge a bill of sale with the office of fair trading, so there is no way to get around it. What about credit cards that offer 24 months interest free, like citibank. Even nab have a 12 months one I think, and then you could re finance or balance transfer at the end of the period...
  8. How come you got dual plane tiger91?
  9. Hi ladies Has anyone tried any of the above silicone gels for assisting scars to dissappear? ?? Which is better??
  10. Woo hoo!! Are you on instagram tiger91??
  11. Im the same as you duweewee, around an A a d wanting D, but after seeing a few girls on instagram im thinking I might go DD so I dont get boob greed lol So happy to hear tiger91 - what size did you end up going??
  12. So im tossing up between the above surgeons and would appreciate any feedback. I love Dr kwoks work but havent seen too many of Dr Nguyens work. And go......
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