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  1. Hi, I'm 69cm and 65kgish.. I have 330cc mod rounds... I measured a 12a prior and at 8 weeks am a 12D/DD but honestly - they look like a 12C... They are not big at all and if you didn't really know me before then you wouldn't be able to tell! I like them - but could have gone bigger - in saying that maybe bigger would have made them look more fake!
  2. Louboobs - yes you will get there - I was feeling pretty good by day for - that is why I started walking - but slowly... just listen to your body (I found that hard as I used to only listen to my head!)! Jasmine - I never thought I would say this but I found I ate so much better! Perhaps because I wasn't exercising as much?? I surprised myself actually ;-) Good luck girls ;-)
  3. HI girls, Not a question - more some of my personal experience! I had my 6 week post op appointment today and have been cleared to do everything except anything that takes my full body weight such as pull-ups and chin-ups. Nurse said I will be able to do them, just in a few months. I went for a run the other day and felt great - I have been walking since day 4 and was surprised at how much fitness I retained. Even burpees (well half burpees) weren't that bad! lol So for those of you who are stressing about the down time, from someone who 12 months ago would have cried at the thought of having a day off let alone 6 weeks, I feel rested and ready to get back into it without needing to go into damage control :-) in saying that I did eat well and as I said above I walked every day. So yay - I'm getting to the other side - getting fitted for new bras tomorrow (have just been advised not to wear underwire too much) so I'm a pretty happy girl. Good luck to those who are waiting for their op and enjoy for those who are on the other side!!
  4. Hi Boobielicious, I'm almost 5 weeks post op. My kids are a little older (3 & 5) so both could understand that I was sore and couldn't pick them up or run etc. But I do work with babies in childcare - I went back to work at 2 weeks post op and I was ok - I did avoid picking the kids up as much as I could and did feel it when I had to rock a 9 month old to sleep... My 3 year old is a real Mum's girl and every morning the first thing she would say is "Mummy, are you feeling better, can you pick my up now?' I was picking her up from week 3 - she weighs about 14-15kgs. I found just getting close enough for a good hug in the first few weeks was hard - simply because I was sore and my kids are pretty boisterous!!! If you have help for the first week and can then just take it as easy as you can for the next few weeks you might be ok!! My advice would be to start getting organised (freezing meals etc) so you can spend lots of time with your kids (reading, watching tv, drawing etc) because if you have a lot of time with them then they might not need to be picked up as much? Hope that makes sense!! Good luck!!!
  5. I guess it depends where you work? I bounced back after my 2 kids also. I work in childcare (babies) and had 2 weeks off. I only work 2 days and worked 3 days that first week back - I was ok, I just had to rely on my workmates to do any heavy lifting etc.
  6. Hope it all goes ok today Als.. I know the feeling - I was adamant I didn't want big boobs - just some! Now I think the same - all that time, effort, crap sleeping and money - I should have gone bigger! But its all good in hindsight. I'm only 3 weeks post op and asked for a 12c which is what I think I will end up - my surgeon was asking my right up to the last minute if I wanted bigger but I was so freaked out that I would look huge! In clothes I don't look much different either. I was kicking myself, but not so much now - it is what it is - for now... I think when I need a revision I will go bigger! I really hope you find some peace with it!
  7. Hi Gals, Not sure if I should put this in the post op section... but here it is! I'm just over 3 weeks post op and am up to the scar massaging - it is pretty tender though!! Just seeing if this is normal? They are so bumpy too - normal?
  8. Same as Win, Gabby1 and Als - with clothes on you can hardly tell with me - perhaps because I always wore a bigger or really padded bra! I had 330cc and was a 12a (yet to be sized but am thinking 12c). I was so worried about being too big and now that it over I cannot believe I was so worried! I agree the sizers looked way bigger - or perhaps I'm just used to looking at myself in the mirror now? I originally didn't want BIG boobs - just something in proportion with my body - and they are I guess - just keep looking at them in a bikini or real bra to remind myself! lol... I think if I ever need them redone I will go bigger though!
  9. woohoo - 700!! I'm 169cm, 64ish kgs - I said I wanted to go from an A to a C and I think that is what I will be - I'm over 2 weeks post op with 330cc. My boobs are by no means big at all. And yes I have been thinking maybe I should have gone bigger - but my original wish wasn't to have big boobs - just in proportion with my body. I am happy with them, but I guess now its all over I'm like - what was I so worried about! lol... I like to run/gym/swim a fair bit so I'm sure the size I have picked will suit me once they have settled in. If your worried about not being big enough then go bigger!
  10. I found button up shirts harder to put on the normal ones!! I was fine with over head shirts from day 1
  11. I work in child care - in the babies room with 20 under 2yr old. I had 2 weeks off and this was my first week back (did 3 days). I was lifting the smaller babies the first day but by today I was having to pick up some almost 2yr olds to change nappies etc - so over 15kg (work didn't make me - just how the day panned out!). I didn't carry them around - just a brief lift on and off the table. I really wanted to avoid it, and will where possible for another few weeks, but I have been totally fine! I was finding it more uncomfortable to drive :-) lol.
  12. thanks ladies! I agree Stace418 - I think I was so afraid of going too big - afraid of everyone going OMG she has had her boobs done! In reality everyone has been so supportive and some haven't even noticed!! But that was my original plan. After reading all of these replies and other threads I'm sure I will be super happy with them!! A BA was such a big thing for me to do so I guess now I've done it I'm feeling "what was I so worried about!" THanks again girls!!
  13. Please remind me again how much implants change! I'm 10days post op and suddenly feeling that I should have gone bigger!! I looked at them this morning and my first reaction was - OMG they are getting smaller!!! Hubby keeps reminding me that I didn't want BIG boobs and a natural look - which I do - but I think wearing jumpers etc around, my reflection in the mirror hasn't changed much :-( Maybe I'm just feeling a bit down from being in 'recovery mode'? Ah... I guess I should just get on with it because I can't change it!!
  14. I bought one!! Probably the same one ;-) I'll feel a bit safer now walking with good support!! Thanks for this thread!
  15. Can't offer any advice - but I'm blaming my puppy for a few things too!! Good luck!
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