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  1. Hi Ladies, Im looking at having a full TT with BL BA with Dr Vlad Milovic. I know i cant get an exact figure without having a consultation, but does anyone know his approx price range? Also has anyone had a procedure with him? How was he? Are you happy with the outcome? Thank you
  2. they are on instagram and are blocking and deletingquestioningcomments.
  3. What's scary is that our country allows this ***** to happen. Theyll still continue to run their business and although theyre under investigation, i doubt many girls will be turned off going there. Its amazing how an affordable procedure along with a fancy looking building can persuade people into potentially putting their lives at risk. I looked at this place, thank god i didnt go through with them
  4. thanks so much for your help ?
  5. i heard it works for the jowls. Apparently it reduces them sagging
  6. Ive just heard about a nefertiti lift (sorry if incorrect spelling ) using botox. Has anyone had this done or know any info they can give me on this procedure? Ive heard good and bad and would like to hear of peoples experiences. Ive attached a picture so you can see if it will benefit me or not. Thank you
  7. Umm.... just a couple of names i thought of without thinking too much- Not too shabby One mans trash Vanity in vintage I dunno, ill put my thinking cap on and see if i can come up with anything good
  8. http://www.cosmetictattooandbeauty.com.au/ based in melbourne. Her work looks unbelievably natural.
  9. http://www.cosmetictattooandbeauty.com.au/ She really is amazing
  10. http://m.australiacosmeticclinics.com.au/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.australiacosmeticclinics.com.au%2F#2676 Heres the link
  11. The Australian cosmetic clinic charge $24000 for breast lift, breast implants, tummy tuck and lipo to 2 areas so yeah, i think the price you were quoted is far too high but i guess every surgeon has their own price
  12. I tried emailing him to ask questions. None of my questions were answered and his reply just spoke about procedures he does and the cost. I then emailed him or his receptionist (whoever replies to his emails) to say none of my questions were answered and i then asked my questions again. I got an apology and a list of procedures he does and the cost. The costs listed were higher than the costs from the first email and again my questions werent answered. From that point on i didnt bother.
  13. I dont know too much about this but a friend of mine had this done 5 years ago. Fat was taken from her stomach and transferred to her boobs. They called it fat transfer im guessing fat grafting is the same? If it is, she was charged the same as it would cost for implants. She was happy for the first 2 years but she then starting losing weight and it affected her boobs a lot. I guess if you plan on remaining the same weight it wont affect you but she is now looking into having implants put in. This is just her story, not sure how the whole fat grafting thing works. Im sure if im wring someone
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