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    BA done in sydney 470cc anatomical above muscle implants.
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    Dr Miroshnik 9th feb 2012
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    163cm 65kg 34B to 34DD

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  1. I used micro-pore tape for the first 3 months, and after that I used Bio-oil, it did take a good 12 months but my crease incisions are 90% gone, you would find it hard to see them, it took time but it did work for me.
  2. Dr Michael Miroshnik, a great Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon, take a look at his face-book site www.facebook.com/drmiroshnik
  3. I have the Brazilian implants, i love them, have had no problems or issues at all with them, they can take a little longer to reach the final result as far as softness goes, but as each month goes past they become softer and pliable, mine look and feel very natural.
  4. Take a look at Dr Michael Miroshnik, in Sydney a Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon, www.facebook.com/drmiroshnik a great surgeon and a lovely, man very easy to talk too.
  5. My full TT with Muscle repair was about $12 thousand, it is depending on Doctor and how much work has to be done, you can get finance for Plastic surgery, not through the Doctor, but some Dr's staff will be able to tell you what finance companies offer credit, where you can get a loan for surgery, and then pay it off like any other loan.
  6. I have the same stats as you, i think 330cc would be a better fit. Good luck with your choice.
  7. Thankyou for sharing your story, and congrats on your TT.
  8. Dr Miroshnik is an excellent Plastic Surgeon, if you haven't already seen his facebook site, worth a look www.facebook.com/drmiroshnik, his website also has many examples of before and afters.
  9. I would agree with the other ladies, i think 435cc would be a nice size taking into consideration your stats.
  10. Hi, I was told not to get fitted till 6 weeks post-op by my PS, your band size should not change, once swelling goes down if you were a 12 band size before you will still be a 12, i started at a 12B and with 470cc implants ended up a 12E, many of those bra fitting sites are not accurate.
  11. It could be swelling and it will go away, from everything that i have read you can have swelling on and off for up to 6 months post-op, i had a lot of swelling and it really didn't settle till about then, i hope this sorts itself out for you.
  12. Hi, i have teardrop over the muscle implants, with overs you will not get muscle distortion which will suit you seeing that your a fitness instructor. Recovery is easier, i still had a tight uncomfortable feeling but no pain like some of the ladies talk about. My PS told me to wear a good support bra which i do, because overtime gravity and time will take a toll on any breasts, i don't intend to replace mine unless i have a complication, they are sitting where they were placed nearly 2 years ago just a lot softer and pliable now.
  13. I have heard this many times, that it can take months to reach the final results, so i think as you progress your gap will get a little smaller.
  14. Different Dr's so many different post-op rules, i had to wear the surgical bra 24/7 for 6 weeks post-op, and micro-pore tape on the incisions for 12 weeks, at 6 weeks post op i was allowed to get fitted for a sports bra.
  15. I had my TT with MR twelve months ago, and really had swelling on and off for a good 6 mths, it does settle but it takes time that's for sure.
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