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  1. Some of the ladies on here have had some bad experiences with removing poly coated implants. They have ripped out breast tissue along with the implants. The manufacturers also claim they lower chances of CC but there have also been ladies on here who have had CC with these implants. If they were really superior, every plastic surgeon would use them.
  2. LaurenT

    Will I need a breast lift?

    You should not have consulted whilst stil breastfeeding. I think whether or not you get a lift is going to depend on what you will be happy with. Personally I think you may need a lift. There’s a section on this site where you can post this question to surgeons and they can tell you their opinion. I think that would be a very valuable resource to use.
  3. I don’t know much about Rastogi because not many women on here have used him. Does he exclusively use polyurethane implants? I personally would stay away from those implants. Don’t they increase the risk of ALCL? I could be wrong. But it also sounds like Miroshnik is not the right choice.
  4. Very good point about making sure your parents are paid back. You are correct about people getting funny with money. I would personally also look at renting a house that isn’t owned by your parents. Time to start being fully independent.
  5. I don’t envy your position at all. I wouldn’t have told them personally. I didn’t tell my parents. It sounds like this is something you have researched a lot and is something you really need to do for yourself. Just do it 🙂
  6. How saggy are your boobs? If they’re ‘very’ saggy I don’t think putting in an implant is a good idea. Also, is it worth it to only go up to an E cup? (A decent size, but considering your already a D, it’s not a big jump). I’m not sure 350cc will give you what you are after. Which surgeon did you see?
  7. Thank you for the reasssurance, and yes correct with Botox, not filler 🙂
  8. Sounds like you’ve made the right decision @JD*, all the best and November will come so quickly.
  9. My surgery was so long ago but it wasn’t very long between admission and getting up on the table, maybe an hour or an hour and a half. This included getting changed, drawn on and a quick last minute chat with my surgeon. It flew by.
  10. But in saying that, it is quite rare isn’t it 😅 I’m planning on getting my lips, cheeks and forehead re-done soon.
  11. Try the surgeon section on here, you can upload photos and questions. If you do indeed end up needing revision, I dkn’t think money will be the major problem, you need to be focused on getting the right skilled surgeon. This surgeon you have been to in thailand is know for botch jobs.
  12. To add to the above, I would not even consider Thailand for a revision. You could even upload your photos on the ask a surgeon section on here. After 3-4 months your breasts won’t change much. So around that time you should be looking at consults.
  13. LaurenT

    LED masks

    Does anyone here use LED masks at home? I have seen so many on the internet lately. They are quite expensive though. Across all brands there are limited reviews, or some brands appear to have fake reviews on Facebook or only have reviews on their own site which is suspicious. I’m very interested to try them at home but I was hoping someone on here had purchased one or has used one.
  14. It does look like it might be bottoming out. Also, keep an eye on the gap between your breasts. I’m not sure if it’s the photo or swelling.
  15. LaurenT

    Revision Melbourne help

    I believe just revision. But if a woman had an initial BA due to asymmetry and required revision, that would not get an item number from what I can understand.