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  1. I went with Dr Broadhurst
  2. Natrelles catalogue measures them in cc’s as they are measured by volume rather than weight. I have my natrelle inspira box in my room with my cc’s on the side. Some surgeons like to use mls or grams as they are interchangeable. But the standard is cc’s.
  3. Recommendations please!

    If you’re looking only on the GC and Brisbane..I personally would not consider either of them. Dr Broadhurst, Dr Richardson, Dr Layt etc. They might be just over the 10k mark but it’s not worth the risk of needing a revision to go with someone cheaper. Go through the directory on here. Don’t settle for a surgeon with numerous bad reviews.
  4. I think I chose the wrong size

    I would imagine that you will have to fully recover before your surgeon will operate again. I could be wrong though.
  5. Pre-surgery boob greed! Am I crazy?

    Personally I think 99% of implants aren’t ‘natural’ looking, but that’s just me...
  6. Pre-surgery boob greed! Am I crazy?

    I’m 60kgs and a fair bit taller than you and I have 390ccs. I feel like they are perfect for me. I wouldn’t upsize. If anything I wish I went for a lower profile. Everyone is different in the look they want. I was worried they would be too small but they are perfect. It shouldn’t be too late to change your size even if you have to reschedule. There is no point in going ahead if you’re feeling this uncertain. There are also people on here who have followed the advice of others to go bigger and have regretted it and downsized. Make an appointment to try on more sizers so you are confident in your decision. It’s your body.
  7. There are a number of women on here who still got capsular contracture with Brazilians. CC isn’t the only complication to be worried about also, so that shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing a type of implant. As long as you choose a reputable plastic surgeon you should be in safe hands. I believe Dr Dona is within your budget and would definitely be worth checking out.
  8. Private health cover

    This is not the first time that I’ve heard this. I feel as though this is going to become more common and cosmetic surgery becomes more common.
  9. Private health cover

    You would have to check to see if the company will cover it. I thought I read that Bupa no longer cover any implants at all. I could be wrong though...
  10. The shape of your right breast (left in photo) in the bottom photo almost looks to be tuberous. I’m no expert though. Definitely make sure you are only considering plastic surgeons and not cosmetic surgeons. You definitely need someone who knows what their doing ‘Nipple corrections’ I’m guessing you mean reductions? Don’t occur unless you ask or it’s recommended. The cost is extra. In regards to size, if you don’t want/need a lift you may need to consider a decent sized implant to fill you out. Saline implants are uncommon. Silicon are much safer than they were back when saline was more popular. They feel much more natural. Low interest loans through the bank are generally the same or better than mac credit or similar. Hope that helps a little. I can’t give any guidance on price as I have only had a BA, none of the other procedures. BA’s with plastic surgeons can range from about 8k-15k. Cosmedi tour is probably cheaper than that. However, make sure it is a plastic surgeon.
  11. I feel like I've read Samantha's story on here firsthand. If not, someone with a similar story.
  12. BA & BL and military service

    I was also advised not to train chest at all. I have round unders.
  13. Drop and Fluff for Anatomicals

    @esn77 I would be seeing your surgeon. possibly need a band to help push the implants down. In the side on photos, it's not too noticeable. Front on, the upper pole and nipple position are noticeable. Do you do a lot of chest exercises?
  14. Large Pores

    By large pores are they dilated due to having a blackhead or congestion in the past? Or just normal pores that are slightly more noticible? Would love to hear how your treatments go and everyone else's advice.
  15. Matte lipstick

    @TheFox I'll have to check them out. Little bit worried about the price tag but I guess if they're worth it, they're worth it 😊 @Cupcake85 I've seen that one at price line but I think I didn't check them out due to the limited colours? I'll have to have another look. @donatella I've wanted to order some for the longest time but I hate not being about to test the colours. I have a strange skin tone and preference for natural colours so colours I like are very limited. Have you tried the creme lipsticks by kylie too? They look beautiful on the website 😍