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  1. I think it would depend on the implant size and your expectations as to whether you would need another lift or not.
  2. It was hard for me to read about your experience. I’m so sorry you have been through this. I can’t even imagine how devastated you must be. I hope you can receive some sort of legal outcome or compensation.
  3. Yes, Dr Dona is supposed to be one of the best. I have yet to see imperfect results from him. You shouldn’t have to request to have your nipple in the centre. They should be in the middle. I would give him the opportunity to correct them.
  4. I don’t think it’s just the nipple position which is the problem, I think your breasts are considerably different in size. The pocket seems to be made quite low although hard to tel without seeing before photos. Did you see a reputable surgeon to begin with? If so, a revision may make you happier. If not, I would be doubtful it’ll be worth the money and recovery time etc.
  5. Something doesn’t look quite right. Have you seen your surgeon? Who was your surgeon? I do hope that it’s sorted out since you posted this.
  6. Dr Broadhurst is great. I don’t believe Dr Tansley can call himself a PS over here? Only in the UK.
  7. His name used to pop up all the time a few years back. At least he’s not as popular as he was. Bad news spreads fast.
  8. Just putting it out there... imagine the amount of strippers that have boob jobs. I’m sure it’ll be fine. However check with your surgeon as many recommend avoiding exercises which directly target your chest. I’ve never done pole dancing so I’m not sure how much it targets your chest muscles.
  9. Sorry to hear, but great that your surgeon is getting onto it right away. MRI’s are the way to go. Keep us updated! If they are ruptured will you replace them?
  10. Which doctors have you heard this from? In all my research I’ve never heard that you should be able to ‘spin’ your implants. Massage while healing - yes. Anatomicals certainly shouldn’t be spun...
  11. If you have a skilled surgeon the scarring under your boob will end up right on the crease. I have to lift my boob to find the scar, and it’s that faint that it’s almost impossible to see.
  12. If you want transaxilary incisions that is going to seriously limit which surgeons you can go through. Most won’t do it regardless of the implant size and shape. If this incision is important to you, it will have to be one of the first enquiries you make before you seriously consider any surgeon. Make sure it is something the surgeon does regularly, as if it isn’t, you may end up with suboptimal results.
  13. I had my lips botched by a well known clinic chain. They were badly shaped and I had lumps which weren’t visible but I could feel them. The lumps did go away, however the shape had to be fixed elsewhere.
  14. Just be careful writing negative reviews, even if honest. There have been cases of women being threatened with legal action both on here and other sites if they didn’t remove their reviews. That’s why it’s hard to get accurate information about surgeons.
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