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  1. LaurenT

    One side smaller after BA

    Sorry to hear this 😥 Do you think they have finally settled? Or do you think there may be an underlying issue? Would you be willing to undergo revision to correct it?
  2. LaurenT

    New boobs take 2

    That is absolutely horrid that he has said that to so many women but gone back on his word. At least maybe thanks to you ladies, others will be informed before choosing to go with him. I think all surgeons should have their revision policy written out. Especially when it is related to surgical error. I understand that it is hard to prove, but for example most often symmastia is due to surgical error.
  3. LaurenT

    Underwire bras and bikini tops

    Same problem here 🙋🏼‍♀️ The underwire doesn’t sit on my sternum. I think it’s because our boobs are more dense and rounded than natural boobs. I don’t think it’s a settling problem.
  4. LaurenT

    Cold before surgery

    Depending on how close your surgery is I would speak to your surgeon before taking anything. Some surgeons advise you to stop taking all vitamins up to two weeks before surgery. That being said, every surgeon has a different opinion on the topic 🙂 vitamin C will most likely be fine. However, I’ve never found it to be much help with sickness once it has already hit.
  5. Not all surgeons advise to do this. Mine didn’t. I still took my BC. Check with your surgeon 🙂 you could stop now for piece of mind. 13 days is a while to get it out of your system.
  6. LaurenT

    Bony sternum

    As @sabP mentioned, the majority of surgeons recommend to avoid any exercises that isolate chest muscles. I was told not to do push ups. Hope @I HaveBoobscan shed some more light and I would also be asking your surgeon 🙂 congrats on losing the 4kgs and your mummy tummy though!
  7. LaurenT

    Bony sternum

    Did you have much breast tissue or a visible sternum before your BA? Also, as previously asked ^^ have you been doing chest exercises? on top of this I was advised before my surgery to be my goal weight and ideally not lose more than 1-2 kilos as it can impact results.
  8. LaurenT

    Showering after surgery

    I could shower on day 2. I washed my hair that day. I was allowed to raise my arms and I had no pain at all. Follow the advice of your own surgeon as they all differ 🙂
  9. Is it worth the risk? No one is going to see you anyway. They are rules for a reason. Maybe look into getting henna brows done or something similar close to your surgery date.
  10. LaurenT

    One side smaller after BA

    I found that my boobs didn’t change at all after the 4 months mark. What did your surgeon say?
  11. Part of the problem may be that they are still so new. Are you trying on wired or wireless bras? I wasn’t able to wear wireless bras comfortably until about 8-10 weeks. And I didn’t wear wired bras until 3-4 months post op because it was just too uncomfortable and nothing fit properly because they were still so firm. Panache is a great brand but difficult to find 🙁
  12. LaurenT

    Is a tummy tuck better than liposuction?

    One isn’t better than the other, they achieve different results. They are completely different procedures.
  13. LaurenT

    Asymmetrical cheeks

    ‘Double jaw surgery’ brings up some accounts. It’s very easy to find people who have undertaken procedures on instagram.
  14. LaurenT

    Asymmetrical cheeks

    Instagram would be another great way to research this procedure. There are thousands of accounts documenting people’s journey with jaw surgery.
  15. LaurenT

    Anyone had capsular contracture?

    Hopefully your surgeon cuts you some sort of deal due to the fact that the complication occurred so soon 🙁 and I hope work is understanding and able to give you time off.