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  1. Mini Boob Job Girs

    3 months will go so quickly how exciting!
  2. Mini Boob Job Girs

    You're making me wish I went smaller! The petite perky look is so in right now. Although I'm not this slim and modelesque so I don't think this size would suit me as well.
  3. WOW! That is crazy. I had no idea... is there any other areas that have this kind of risk?
  4. I think I would be too scared to get rhinoplasty as much as I would love to. There are too many people who are unhappy with their results. It's such a complex surgery and you can't hide your face if you have any complications. Unlike boobs, which can be hidden if you're unhappy. I think if filler is able to fix your nose, go for it!
  5. Noticed something weird

    Possibly due to the fact that they don't have a blood supply? I'm just guessing. Mine are super cold when I get out of the water at the beach.
  6. Different size breasts

    They might even out, however I don't think your original asymmetry was purely due to size. Your breasts are uneven in height and shape. I also had this issue pre-op, but less noticeable. There is still some asymmetry, but a massive improvement.
  7. Dr William Mooney sydney

    Anyone else find it odd that 5 people who have posted positive reviews on this post have only posted once and also have only logged in on the day they signed up, and haven't logged in since...? 🤔 I'm sensing some fake reviews here. Red flag!
  8. Belly button

    Is it really as obvious as you feel it is? Sometimes when we are super self conscious of something we see it much worse than it really is.
  9. Search function

    Whilst this function has always been a problem, it isn't working at all for me right now. Is anyone having the same problem?
  10. Should I or shouldn't i

    A wireless bra should be fine, especially if it's only for the party 🙂
  11. Belly button

    Having the belly button moved higher seems to be common in tummy tucks. It is one of the ways you can tell if someone has had one. How often is your belly button out on display? I don't think it would be worth moving unless it was really troubling you.
  12. You look like you are very petite. I personally think they are a little top heavy in the pictures, however once the implants are in they will most likely look completely different. Everyone has different tastes. It's what you want, don't let anyone's opinion change your goals. The sizing should suit your preferences and lifestyle They won't look saggy unless your natural breasts are saggy.
  13. How long did you wait??

    Sorry I should have specified that I was able to wear wired bras at 4 months. Got a bit carried away haha x
  14. How long did you wait??

    I had to wear mine till about 10 weeks and after that I could still only wear wireless bras as wired bras would be painful and wouldn't fit nicely. Everyone drops at different rates.
  15. Implant Insertion and Scarring

    I was really concerned about scarring too. A skilled surgeon should be able to get your scar right in the crease. Mine is right in the fold. I actually have to go searching to find it 😂 And even then it has faded so much it's not really visible. I don't think many surgeons do armpit incisions. They might if you specifically ask for it? I have an aunt who has armpit incisions and they are sometimes visible when she wears singlets. You have to be looking for the scars though. Find a surgeon who uses the Keller funnel technique if your concerned about scars.