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  1. Hi ladies! Everyone is looking amazing ? How good is it to have boobies in sports bras ? Turns out I am a 10E (by the tiniest bit). Is anyone else this size and found some nice bras? I had really hoped for a 10DD at the biggest but I still love them and don't think they look like an E at all!
  2. Dr Szalay did mine dual plane five weeks ago. I also had sagging due to breastfeeding and I am really happy with the results. I had a fair amount of loose skin due to breastfeeding beforehand and my implants settled really quickly and have dropped a tiny bit further than I would have liked but regardless of this I am really happy and think he did a great job with what he had to work with ?
  3. Hi girls!! How are you all? Im five weeks today ? Where did that time go!? I'm super happy with my results. They have dropped a tad further than I would have liked but that is from the extra skin I had to start with from breastfeeding and my boobs being so big then. They look lopsided in this photo but definitely don't when I'm looking in the mirror. I'm really happy regardless.
  4. So happy for everyone that you have all had such wonderful results. @Yollie keep your positivity going babe. People only make stupid comments because they are unhappy in their own lives. It is your body and your decision!
  5. Thank you ❤️ Yep... I got 450 and so happy with the size. The difference is making me a tad nervous but I'm sure they will be fine ?
  6. Hi girlies... here is my 3.5 week photo (I ran out of time at the start of the week) One side has settled quicker than the other - hoping they are similar soon. Still early days I guess so I will see what happens. Regardless, I am really happy ?
  7. Well I am off to Myer then haha! So glad you are really happy with them
  8. @Honeycakes where did you get your bra?? They look amazing, you must be thrilled!
  9. Hi girls - wow I have missed so much! I had two weeks off work after my op and then was away at a conference for work and now can't believe I'm heading toward four weeks post op! I absolutely love my new boobs! I will be taking a photo tonight. How long after your op did everyone get their incision wet? I had my stitches cut today and the nurse (I went to my GP to have it done) said the wound has healed really well and just put the hyperfix tape on it and said she can't see any reason I can't get them wet but I checked with the surgeons receptionist and she said they say to keep them dry for another week. My boobs are getting so itchy from the waterproof dressings I really don't want to put them back on!
  10. I had mine done by Dr Szalay three weeks ago. He has done an amazing job! I personally was more than comfortable with the twilight as I don't cope well with generals at all!
  11. Hi @excited_much My bwd is 13 I'm 58 kg and 163cm - I got 450cc round dual plane. I've breast fed two babies so I had a very deflated b cup (didn't even really fill that out!) im three weeks post op and over the moon with my results! I was a little worried they'd be too big from the photos I took in the surgeons office when I tried on sizers but I just kept thinking of how many ladies I had seen on here that had said "go bigger" as they look so different once they are actually in. I'd say as long as you've told your surgeon what you want trust him/her. They truly are the best judge! Good luck!
  12. Hi @Soph132 i got 450cc round dual plane. I had a very deflated b cup before. Theres definitely still swelling to go down and I'm kind of happy that they'll get a tad bit smaller when thats gone but I'm happy so far. X Happy for you @Ranalicious
  13. Yay @Honeycakes super happy for you! @AndyDegood luck tomorrow - it's a good day (it's my birthday too ??) Alright girls - here's my one week post op photo (excuse my daughters messy bedroom!)
  14. Thank you!! Definitely onto google now to track one down! Your results looks fabulous. X
  15. Good luck today girls!!!
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