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    BA 360cc textured round high profile, dual plane.
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    Dr Phil Richardson, August 6 2015
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  1. So happy for you! Yes I’m still loving mine. I just don’t think about them anymore which is what I wanted! They are the boobs I always thought I should have had!! Yours are looking great ?? hope the healing continuing fine!
  2. Wow. Haven’t been on here for ages so just catching up but saw you posted pics! So glad you finally got there and they look awesome!! Who did your surgery in the end?? Congratulations!!!
  3. I had dual plane and tgey only looked really odd for the first maybe 5days when I had frankenboob and they were square. I wore a dress that dad a scoop neck but not low cut and wideish straps. It was black tie so I wore navy and no one noticed anything. I am not a hugger and ly friends know this so don't try so that wasn't an issue for me. As far as looks go I would think by then you would be fine. I
  4. Depends on what you want to do on the formal night probably. I went to a wedding at about two weeks post op and was fine. But, I didn't drink, wore a dress I could wear a post op bra in, and didn't dance. If you going to take it easy should be fine but no physical activity for six weeks includes dancing etc.
  5. To get a ride home from hospital, that was all the help I had and all that I needed. good luck!
  6. Everyone is different from what I hear. I am 12 months post op and only just got feeling back in left nipple a couple of weeks ago, right one was much earlier. My left breast is still numb in a couple of patches underneath.
  7. Totally fine - just don't use banisters as will hurt to put wait on if lean on banisters.
  8. I thought about getting Brazilians but decided they weren't right for me as I was flat chested and didn't think I would get a natural look but would look bolted on. If you are thinking about Brazilians I would consider having a consult with someone who doesn't just do Brazilians so you can find out if right for you. I went through TBI as well, shame they closing. I had Phil Richardson, last I heard he had dropped his price to about $8,500.
  9. 77% correct, clothed ones are hard!
  10. There was another patient on this forum of Dr M's who had an internal bra and had a really rough recovery. If you search for the thread called "my recovery" by Maisie F you can read her story (sorry not sure how to link it). So you are not alone but you might be in for a slower recovery than a straight BA. Hang in there, hopefully each day is better than the last xx
  11. I wouldn't beat yourself up. Wouldn't even occur to me to be careful after so long. I've been training completely normally since 5months post op. Hope you are better now and it was just some normal muscle strain rather than anythibg BA specific?? What did the doc say?
  12. i don't know if it's the best idea not to take it as prescribed. Pain meds work best when keep ahead of the pain so are much less effective if try and save them by extending the gap between taking them. If pain not better speak to surgeon tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon.
  13. Maybe a topic could be created called "spam" so all the spam goes there and doesn't fill up the forum!! ?? The main thing that has reduced my use of this forum is all the spam.
  14. I had a cold when I had my surgery, they checked my temp and asked if coughing up yellow (chest infection) and said good to go. It was anaethetists call. It wasn't that fun coughing while recovering but I was glad they went ahead and the codeine in the pain meds helps a cough anyway.
  15. I think you look amazing! You have really awesome natural result! Your nipples look pretty even so is that why ps says dropped? But I can see one looks "fuller" underneath. What did they look like pre op? I assume they should look the same now just bigger??
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