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  1. Hi Liss I also had this when I removed the tape for my 2 week post op appointment. I think the tape irritated my skin - I'm not using anything but now that the tape is off it seems to be getting better each day 😀
  2. Thanks Flapjack, they were so bad I literally stayed in bed and didn't move. I prepared myself for pain after surgery but that nerve pain was worse than I had prepared myself for. So glad that they have eased up and I feel so much better!!! 😀😀
  3. I'm 7 days post op and I don't feel ready to drive a car yet. But everyone heals differently
  4. Boobies83

    June 2015

    Thanks again for being so helpful 😀😀
  5. Boobies83

    June 2015

    she told me it should only last about a week and mine started coming off after my shower this morning so I took both of them off. Im dreading taking the tape off next week 😱 hope it's not painful !!! Thanks so much for the info!! I will definitely go out and get some X
  6. Liss what juice cleanse do you order? I would love to try one. I'm feeling so bloated too 😢
  7. Boobies83

    June 2015

    so good to hear Liss. When do you go back to see Dr T? I also feel I get tired easily since surgery, but I guess our bodies are still doing so much healing. So what does the Arnica cream do - is it for bruising?? And the bromelaine, quercetin and arnica tablets should I be taking then too / what do they do?
  8. Boobies83

    June 2015

    I'm 6 days post op and this is the first day I've started to feel better. I'm still on Valium for the zinger pains but I feel so much better. It's so depressing feeling in pain and being stuck in bed. Today I did some very light house work and was out of bed trying to be a little more active than I have been. Feel so good. Fingers crossed recovery keeps getting better each day 😀
  9. Boobies83


    I asked the Dr this at my post op appointment and it is totally normal. As the implant drops and fluffs the nipples will point up. I was a bit worried too
  10. Mine is 15 cm. But apparently it is really hard to measure it correctly yourself. Best for your dr to do it 😀
  11. you have made me feel so much better. Just to know I'm not the only one that is having a rough recovery. I'm going go stay in bed because that's where I feel best and hopefully in a few days I will feel better and I can move around more Xx
  12. thanks for the reply Rustnut. I just feel so down because I thought by day 5 I would be feeling much better. But the pain is still pretty bad 😢😢 at my post op appointment the nurse encouraged me to get out of bed and try and be more active. But I find I just feel more pain the more active I try to be
  13. i feel the same. One of my biggest concerns was everyone noticing I have huge boobs. But I actually think I look like I did with a padded bra. So that makes me feel really happy. Im glad I trusted Dr Tavakoli and went with what he recommended. Have you booked your 2 week post op appointment? How are you feeling today? My morning boob wasn't so bad today and I actually slept well. But the zinger pains have me really down - if it wasn't for the zinger pains I would feel so much better..
  14. Hi ladies I'm 5 days post op and feeling really down about the zinger pains I get. I mainly get them when I move around and they really hurt. If I'm lying down I rarely get them. How long till they stop?
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