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  1. Ive had some under my eyes on occasion because I get bags- your injector needs to be REALLY experienced to go under the eyes and they don't need to use to much or it feels like you can't feel your eyes when you smile ( learned this the hard way!) There is a Sydney Cosmetic Doctor who I follow - Dr Naomi. Google her and check out her website, she's awesome. You can read all about eyes, check out her photos, read her blog... incredibly informative, educational and funny. Id fly to Sydney just to have her work on me if I could!
  2. Hey, does anyone know what the blue and yellow exclamation mark is next to some of the names in your gallery friends list
  3. If you can get 2 weeks off even better! :)
  4. I just said I was going to be away, and wore padded bras for AGES before the op, so that no one noticed my sudden increase- worked a treat! Good luck! Honey Ryder
  5. Hi LPS, I flew from Interstate on the Tuesday, had my consult on the Wednesday then surgery on the Thursday afternoon at Bondi Hospital. I found the staff there to be fantastic ( I had an awful argument with my partner right before I was dropped off at the hospital which left me a nervous wreck, and the staff were amazing, as was Dr M who insisted I stay overnight instead of going back to my hotel). My recovery after the anastetic was fine, I could eat and walk and go to the loo etc no problem, and when I checked out the next morning, they had a nurse walk me down and out to a waiting taxi to take me back to Potts Point where we were staying ( an area I would highly recommend, it's beautiful and only about a 10 min drive to the hospital/office, if that. I stayed until Monday, had my post op check up with the nurse in the am and flew out that afternoon. My only critique was that Dr M didn't see me in person to check his work- just something I would imagine all PS would do in order to get feedback etc. recovery wise, a week off work min, as you don't realise how much work your pecs do doing everyday stuff- like opening or closing a car door ! And getting up from a laying position without using your arms, now there's an ab workout for you! Best of luck, hope all goes well and ask any questions you like, everyone on the forum are wonderfully helpful! Honey :)
  6. Hi ladies, i had a BA with dr M about 4 weeks ago. I had some asymmetry but dr M didn't think he needed to use different size implants to create a balanced look. Looking at my breast now, which are still very high and tight ( and hurt) they don't look anywhere near balanced. Has anyone else had this experience?
  7. I received it as well but thought it was suss so haven't answered it.
  8. Hi Researching, i had had a friend who went to Dr Connell for a revision done by a PS in Sydney. she is very active and found that the anatomicals that Dr C likes to use, kept rotating ( it happened twice...) so she ended up going to another PS, Ed Van Beem who gave her round implants and she is stoked with the result. Dr C is one of Perths best, just make sure you emphasise how active you are, your other concerns about rotation etc, and maybe see Dr Van Beem as well. good luck!
  9. Alana Rowick at Vice in Swanbourne is fantastic! Great website and just an absolute angel. Very approachable and really listens to what you want. Worth checking out.
  10. Hi, i had my surgery on Thursday with Dr M and was given a care fix Alice med size bra. I'm a 12 and found it really tight. I had bought a cancer support seamless padded bra from best n less ($12) and it was soooo comfortable I started wearing that instead. I checked with my nurse at my post op, and she suggested I go up a size in the care fix bra as she believed Dr M liked the snug fit to hold the swelling in place etc. I tried that, but it just hurts my shoulders too much so I'm doubling up on the best n less bra and it feels great. I don't think I'd like going bra less, no way! i went from a 12 a ( deflated breast fed 1 kid) to now a 12 C? Not quite sure yet. Had 325cc anatomical so, dual plane very natural look ( had some asymmetry goin on...) hope that helps :)
  11. Hi Ladies, Ive had a consult with both, and found Tony to be more informative. He is direct, definitely, but only because he wants you to understand what he can and can't ( and won't do). ED was good also, direct as well ( its the Dutch in him) ( I'm Dutch...) I found though, that he seemed a little "old school", and not very willing to use an implant other than round. I sometimes think the "young guns" who I find, tend to keep up with the latest research etc, are a better option, for me anyway. i like that they use different implants from different companies in order to choose the best one for your personal shape. I am a research freak and had lots of questions about lots of things, and ED " red flagged"me. meaning, he didn't think id be happy no matter who did my BA- which may be a fair call, who knows, but I think, given that we have to " wear " our new breast for the next 20 years... that we should be able to ask as many questions as we think necessary . His reputation is solid, but because he didn't sound confident in giving me something close to what i wanted ( which other surgeons didn't think unreasonable, i will not go with him. Though I know someone who has been to both, and loved EDs work. its such a personal thing, so as long as you have confidence that the PS you choose has a clear idea of what you want and believes he can give it to you, then thats the one to choose.
  12. DR T does sound amazing. if anyone is happy to share their before and after pics, msg me and ill FR you. Im 168cm, 55kg, deflated a, hopping to become a very natural ( anatomical ) full C ( possibly small D) I do have some asymmetry going on and may need a nipple raised, so if anyone has had this done and is happy yo share their experience with me, please msg me or FR me. thank you all!
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