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  1. Thanks everyone for you're advice.. I'm more worried about the fact of how my right is sitting so high. You can see in the pic that left looks a lot bigger than right. Is this normal? Do you think once the right breast drops that they will even out.. thanks ellegirl93 I've just followed you on Instagram xx
  2. I had my surgery on 1st June at TCI with Dr Dash.. All went well! Although I can't help stress about how they're sitting at the moment, my right one is much higher than my left and looks really small. I'll attach a pic so you can see. I just want them to drop and fluff/ even out already! I'm 18 days PO today, my stats are 171cm, 74kg, high profile under muscle, left (520cc) dual plane and right (485cc).
  3. I had my BA two weeks ago today; 520 ( L ) dual plane and 485 ( R ) high profile implants. I know it's only early days but I can't help but worry that they're looking asymmetrical still.. My left being the bigger implant as my left breast was smaller than my right before BA, but it seems that it is sitting lower and has dropped more than the right implant. I just need to know from any other girls if this is a normal part of them changing/ drop and fluff etc. Do I wait until my 6 weeks + before I get too concerned? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey 'Boobarella 13' OMG that's so exciting!! What size are you going? I had my surgery at TCI on Monday with Dr Dash! Here's some advice I think may help: - make sure you have plenty of button up shirts or loose shirts you can pull up from your feet, also trackie pants or pyjama pants. It's quite hard getting dressed after surgery because arm movements are restricted - organise your space with your Meds on hand, a water bottle and make a good pillow fort. 7-8 pillows is good. I get bad morning boobs so even though you're sleeping upright you will get a lot of pressure once you get up for the first 10 mins or so. But everyone is different. - go shopping before surgery and get pre-made meals, and snacks which don't take much to prepare because you won't feel like cooking! In saying that make sure it's all below shoulder height so you don't strain your arms. - ensure that you've got someone there to help you when you have your first shower after surgery because you may feel dizzy and nauseous, you won't be able to wash your hair yourself so do it the day before/ day of your surgery. - you may get a bit frustrated if you're use to being active (I have quite a lot) but listen to your body and only do what your comfortable doing, I went for a slow stroll on day 4 and felt okay but I wouldn't make it any longer than 20-30mins I hope that's helped you in some way You can send me a FR if there are any other questions you have once it gets closer to the date. It's a while away but good luck and I bet you're getting excited, you'll start dreaming about boobs! Haha
  5. Ahh I'm so over being bloated still, how long has this taken for everyone else to go down? I'm hoping it goes away after 1 week post op. Making me feel crap
  6. Thanks everyone, making me feel a lot better about it now
  7. Thanks Lauren.. You're right there's a lot of changing to do. I got unders, high profile. I was a deflated B pre op, was just worried they will be too small. I think I have post op depression from all the pain killers and restrictive movements. You're right though, I guess I'll see what happens in the next few weeks
  8. Girls, please can anyone relate to me! I had my surgery on Monday and ended up deciding bigger implants (520 left, 485 right) but I'm scared they won't be the size I wanted. I realise they have to drop and fluff but at this stage I'm feeling a bit down like they won't be what I imagined Can any other girls relate to this in terms of the first few weeks post op and the changes that follow? I really need some reassurance. Thanks
  9. I had my surgery with Dr Dash today and to say the least him and all of the staff/ nurses and anethasist were amazing. I would recommend him based on the work I've seen him do and my personal experience. Hope his helps
  10. OMG that's amazing! You must be excited That makes me definitely want to go bigger.. I don't want any regrets here! When are you getting yours done?
  11. I had my consult with Dr Dash at TCI last week and we agreed on 450cc right 485cc left (assymetry). I told him I wanted a more 'natural' and proportionate look to accentuate my curves! I am 76kg and 171cm.. The more I think about it the more I feel like I should go bigger (I don't want boob greed post op). I'd love opinions from any girls similar size? It's so hard to judge from pics cause of different shapes and pre op bra size etc.
  12. Hey ladies, So I am booked in on 9th of May for my consult with Dr Dash. Really nervous/ excited! Do you have any suggestions about questions to be asked on the day as I don't want to miss anything important. Thanks in advance
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