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    Breast Implants 250cc pre 10A now 10D
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    The Cosmetic Insitute 17/2/2015
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    170cm 52kgs

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  1. @TheFox hey! Did you get a Enbloc Resection removal done? Or was the implant taken out and then the capsule?
  2. Hey girls! So 2 years ago I got my breast augmentation at the time my surgeon told me that 275cc under the muscle, round, high profile would be the biggest I could go. I’m 5’8 and 53kgs. Before surgery I was a 8A now I’m a 10C/D I’m really unhappy with the way they are looking as they haven’t dropped properly and not as big as I would like. I have attached a photo of what I really would like to achieve. Can any one recommend how many ccs I should be going and what shape and profile? I love the hole “natural” dropped under boob look. I’m wanting to be at least a DD after my second surgery.
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all, I'm planning on getting rihnoplasty also. So I'll be following your journey
  4. I would go bigger! But I'm still super happy with the size I have now
  5. I was the same as you I was flat I couldn't fill an 8A. I wanted 400cc but could only get 250cc and 265cc in the left breast I'm really happy with the way they look. Photo is without a bra
  6. I would go the 300cc, I ended up going with 250cc which gave me a 10c really wished I went 300 haha
  7. Hey, happy to hear your surgery went well! I had a consultation with him a few months ago. I have a smilar nose like you. It be great if you can share some before and after photos and keep us updated
  8. I'm also following this, had a consultation with him last month. I want to see other peoples results also. All the best
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