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  1. Not sure if you have already had your surgery but driving 3 days after BA I wouldn't recommend. I had my surgery on 9/05 and had a very very smooth recovery but I only have just driven today at the earliest... Still very slow turns ect but I'm getting there anyways i would highly recommend having a plan B. Good luck
  2. I would suggest getting some European pillows for recovery, first night was rough then I used them and they are my life saver. In regards to preparation try to be active and healthy before your surgery. I have been eating really healthy both before and after and I really think it makes a difference! Also move around after when u can, it made me feel better. It's day 3 now and I haven't taken any pain meds since last night (they make me feel ill) but I'm not in any pain either. Though I have some panadole handy just in case. Today I feel very sluggish and tired so ensure you rest up after as much as possible. My boobs just feel engorged and tight! Uncomfortable but not in pain. The post op bra is a pain! If I could leave it off I would lol oh also one thing I didn't expect... Bloating! I feel about 6 months pregnant from all the bloating but i have read this will go away in the next week.., I had no idea what it was from but app it's pretty common so heads up on that
  3. I had my surgery at 9am yesterday, admission time was 8am. They took me into a room with a lounge and a TV where I sat waiting with another girl who was having hers done at the same time by a dif surgeon. The nurse came in a checked my stats and asked me health questions, next the anesthesiast done the same. Then came in my surgeon who went through my paperwork with me and went through sizing, I was hesitant on the size so he allowed me to try them on again and we chatted about it. I agreed to the 450cc. I then went into surgery and payed on the bed, within a min they were jabbing the anesthesia in to me and I was out... I woke up in recovery to the nurse waking me up. Straight away they get u off the bed and walking to the chain to sit and have a drink, biscuits and a lollie pop. 15 mins later I was ready to leave. They helped me in the car and that was it! In all it took 3.5hrs! It was straight in and out.. I have had no pain so far just the awkward tightness in my chest and a lot of bruising... They looked small under my black compression bra but taking the bra off they look like torpedoes Hahahahaha looking forward to them settling down ect but recovery for me so far has been a breeze! Hoping it stays like this! TCI was very professional and A ++ I would recommend to anyone. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and good luck
  4. Has any body had this or have taken up the TCI capsular contracture Guarantee?
  5. I have my surgery with Dr Duong on Saturday at the Parramatter clinic. Surprisingly I am not as nervous as I have been over the past two weeks. I'm 170cm tall 62kg currently a 12B and looking to get 450cc although I'm looking forward to going in on Saturday and retrying them on before going a head with that size. I'm so excited that it's finally all happening! I will keep you posted on my experience with TCI but so far they have been great!
  6. Emoz


    Hi, I have read that a lot of people wish they had gone bigger, does anyone regret going bigger? I am 65kg 170cm 12B with broad shoulders and hips and tossing up between a size 450 & 500, anyone had a similar story of photos?
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    Thanks everyone for your reply. So I think the points I got out of this is to be prepared to take at least a week off work if need be. Hard thing is I'm in training for the next few weeks, but yes my health and recovery is more important thank you all. I will let you know how I all go with it
  8. I'm getting my BA done next Saturday at TCI. I am wondering how long it took every one until they went back to work? I work behind a desk 5 hours a day, not strenuous work or anything and thinking if I can get someone to drive me I could go back to work Monday? And advice on recovery would be fantastic! Thanks in advanced
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