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    Breast Augmentation with Periareolar excisions to correct Grade 2 Tuberous Breasts. 390cc Mentor Anatomical Cohesive Gel, High profile, medium height
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    Dr Miroshnik, 2nd February 2016
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  1. Hi, sorry I'm not on the forum much at all anymore so I apologize for the late response! I just recently emailed Dr M about the slight pointy shape I still have and he said tuberous breasts take longer to settle than normal so even though I'm at the one year mark I should still expect some changes- I still have fresh stretch marks popping up here and there so obviously things are still changing. I'm trying to be very patient! Haha. That being said if you've only just had them done I wouldn't worry, you still have plenty of changing to do!
  2. I feel like Dr M is one of the few surgeons that is straight out honest about tuberous breast correction and the realities of it. I know lots of girls have been told that it will be permanent and everything will be fine and dandy for the rest of their lives but it's just not a realistic expectation to have. The cells are programmed to return to their natural (tuberous) shape so there is the possibility that the tuberous shape will return eventually, and he's just being honest about that. Obviously this means you will eventually have to go back and have another surgery just to fix things up again, but even regular breast implants are recommended to be replaced after a while anyway so revision surgery will always be on the cards with any augmentation, tuberous or not. If this is something you don't want to commit to then you shouldn't go through with the surgery. I had a tuberous correction and implants with Dr M almost a year ago now and they still have a bit of point to them from the side view , and still have a while to go before a more normal shape forms, so I think this is something you should factor into your decision and figure out if you are willing to be patient with your results. That being said I definitely am happy with my decision and am 100 times more confident with my breasts than I was before, I no longer feel self conscious about showing my chest and can go braless without being ashamed of the shape of them. I think if you're going to go ahead with the surgery you'll need to accept the fact that they probably won't be perfect, but in my opinion Dr M is one of the best for these corrections, he puts so much effort and work into creating a more normal shape for you and actually understands the skills needed to do this, so choosing him as your surgeon would get you as close to perfect as anyone could get. My before and after so you can see the shape Dr M was able to create for me:
  3. Hey ladies just thought I'd let you know that i spotted some cheap bras that might be suitable for post op, at Kmart. Not sure how supportive they are as I didn't buy them or try them on but they're got a zip up front and are wire free! Might be good for when your surgeons bras need a wash!
  4. Aw thank you! I've been using Sukin BioNatural oil which has rosehip, jojoba, and avocado oils and vitamins E, C and F and I really think this is why my scars have healed and faded so quickly! I massage it in twice a day. Up close my scars do look raised and a bit thick still if that makes you feel better haha they're definitely not perfect! I had puckering to begin with but it eventually settled, how far post op are you? The nurse at my surgeon's practice replied to email and said the skin stretching is probably causing the blotchiness and it will fade in the next few months as everything settles
  5. Hey everyone! I had a tuberous breast correction about 11 weeks ago now and have noticed I get red blotches around my areola (where I had an incision) and was wondering if anyone else has had this/whether it's normal? It's not a terrible concern but it makes them look a bit less nice since my skin doesn't look clear. It looks almost as if there's a lack of blood circulation (like if you haven't moved in a while and your legs take on that dull spidery purples type appearance, could this be what it is? I'm gonna be shooting my surgeon an email about it but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this!
  6. Even with all of those things, I would 100% do it again. Yes it's sad that we have to pay much more money and have a longer surgery than other straightforward cases, and it's a bit of a smack in the face that even after all that, the results aren't guaranteed to stay that way, but i think it's totally worth it to finally feel confident with the way my breasts look and how clothes fit me now I just think that "dealing" with these issues is nothing in comparison to being unhappy with my body every day-perhaps you can see it that way too instead of focusing on the negative aspects of it
  7. I started moisturising day and night as soon as I booked my surgery which I think was about 2 months before, and I haven't developed any new stretch marks since my op. I went from a small B to a DD so I feel like the moisturising helped. Weirdly enough though, I had stretch marks pre op and they've disappeared since the implants!
  8. Thank you! Dr Miroshnik he's a miracle worker hahaha, you wouldn't know I was tuberous before
  9. 4 days post op vs 8 weeks ! Still a ways to go I think though!
  10. I think its because your surgeon will be tailoring his surgical techniques to your physique and existing proportions, like how much breast tissue you have will determine how big of an implant you can have and which placement would be best (over the muscle for a decent amount of breast tissue, under for minimal tissue) to give you the results you want (if you want it to look natural etc). Losing breast tissue (fat) through weight loss after all this could result in a very fake look because you no longer have that extra tissue to cover your implant, or as Bellaaa said above, you see a lot of girls who have lost a dramatic amount of weight end up with sagging or drooping breasts because of the loss of volume in the skin pocket where the skin has not bounced back. so if you had implants it would result in a waterfall effect where your implant is still perky but your skin is sagging over it. Those are my assumptions anyway, maybe you can ask Dr M to clarify exactly what he means?
  11. I think a doughnut incision is actually a form of lift but correct me if I'm wrong anybody haha. What i had was an insicion around my areolas so my surgeon could access the tissue underneath the nipple and correct the herniation I think? But a doughnut lift is where they cut out excess skin around your areola and then anchor your areola up to the remaining skin, thus lifting it. That was a terrible explanation ;_;"
  12. Definitely being a travel neck pillow! And maybe if you can bring some ice packs (like the ones you just snap in half when you need them and they instantly cool right down, since you probably won't have a freezer in your car haha) and maybe a cushion that you can sit in between your boobs and the seat belt. I found that little yoghurt tubs were great too for making sure you're not taking your painkillers/antibiotics on an empty stomach and it prevented me from getting nauseous or throwing up after my meds so maybe you could pack something like that in an esky on your way home. Youre in great hands with Dr M
  13. I posted a similar topic a few months ago but I think the general consensus is if it's not a massive amount you're looking to lose, or if you're not going to be losing a lot of weight around your chest specifically, your implants won't be affected much at all.
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