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    Subglandular (over the muscle) 400cc Mentor mod-plus textured implants
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    Dr Richard Rahdon PS, 20/8/15
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    168cm / 52-55kg / 10B (pre-op), 10E post-op
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    Event Planner
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    My loves: shopping, eating, fiancé & puppy!

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  1. Wow!!! You look incredible!! absolutely gorgeous when I saw the pics (and not the cc's) I was thinking the implants would be 550cc plus as they look heaps bigger than my 400s, I'm a bit jelly!! Absolutely stunning
  2. One month post op & feeling fab!!! Would highly recommend this procedure to anyone x
  3. Thanks heaps ladies the out of pocket cost was about $4k and private health/Medicare covered the extra $2k. I'm now 1.5 weeks post-op & I have minimal swelling & bruising which can be completely covered with makeup. Hopefully the incision smooths over quickly & it all evens out
  4. Hi Ladies, I underwent upper blepharoplasty yesterday & wanted to share my experience I am 27 years old & I found it really hard to find before/after pics and personal experiences for people under 45, as most blephs seem to be done on middle aged people. So as a fairly young patient for this type of procedure here is my experience I have always had uneven and hooded eyelids ever since I was born, thanks to family genes. This has lead to people thinking I look "tired" even after a great night's sleep. I felt my eyelids were very droopy and I've always been envious of girls
  5. Love and glitter you look incredible!! Sooo stunningly perfect!!! ??
  6. My PS Dr Richard Rahdon is in Geelong, he's amazing ?
  7. 400cc mod plus overs I started with a big B. They look a little bigger in the pic than in real life because the pic is close up. I love them!!
  8. Wow everyone looks fab!! So many beautiful boobs ??? Just wore a bikini for the first time since getting them, 4 months post op. Edited to add: well it's the first time in public wearing a bikini, of course I've tried on 1000 of them since I've had boobs!! ?
  9. I second this! Rahdon is amazing & my BA was only $8990. He's a highly experienced plastic surgeon. Although I agree you need to do more research about PS vs CS so you understand the difference. Good luck x
  10. Thanks Time4me ☺️ I think you'll notice big changes in the next couple of months! As mine are overs they may have dropped quicker than yours will, but you will see beautiful changes in the next couple of months ? Thanks lovely! Yes they're so soft & they feel natural!! :)
  11. Wow!! You ladies all look amazing!! <3 This is my before & after (I'm 3 months post op), I was a 10B & as I mentioned I got 400cc mod plus overs. They look big in close-up shots but I'm fairly tall (168cm) and when I look at myself full-length the height swallows them up!! The close-up pics can be deceiving. So happy with them ?
  12. It took mine 8 weeks before they felt soft & 12 weeks until they felt natural. It's hard being patient but just wait a few more weeks & you'll notice a big difference!! What size did you go? :)
  13. I'm 3 months post up with the amazing Dr Rahdon my boobs could not be any more beautiful. I am absolutely thrilled!! He & his team are amazing. Feel free to FR to see pics xx
  14. I'm 3 months post op with my overs and mine are soo soft they feel natural! I couldn't be any more in love with my beautiful boobs!!!!
  15. I'm a size 6-8 & got 400cc overs. They're not that big, no one knows I had them done!! Feel free to add me if you like to see pics I had a very wide breast width at 14.5 and my surgeon preferred mod-pluses for me. I was a 10B and I'm now a 10E. Go your max, you won't regret it!! 99% of us wish we went bigger!
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