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  1. I also went with Mark Lee and totally recommend him, feel free to friend me if you would like to see some photos. I am now 6 months post op and still happy as. I was an interstate patient too and found his office very accomodating and helpful.
  2. iwiz I sent you a friend request cause we are both Mark Lee girls and I want to check out your photos (and you can check mine out) I went 450cc hp dual plane...
  3. Thank you honeybee089 for your post! There are so few posts on here for tummy tucks and especially the follow up! Hope your pain is manageable and you get to enjoy your flat tummy for summer
  4. They should cover boobs that have gone saggy and deflated from breast feeding!!! Haha another example of why life is not fair!
  5. I'm seriously enjoying wearing an e cup so love wearing bras!!!!
  6. Only advice I have with regards to your post is to have surgery in the cooler months!!! Hope you get someone with advice re bone structures.. Maybe do a search if no one replies because I'm sure I've read some posts from months ago regarding ba and different chest bone issues.. Good luck!
  7. Decided to go for a swim since I am past the 6 week mark and seriously regretting it. Was very uncomfortable and now my left boob (which has always been more sensitive and felt different) is quite sore. I also still have a patch on my left boob which is numb still! Has anyone had this? Or over done (if you could call a light swim over done) exercise and felt like their implant is achy and might fall out?? I'm probably being paranoid?
  8. Blmason, feel free to friend me. Stats are similar and I went 450cc hp To see my photos
  9. I'm very interested in hearing more stories from dr boonchai.. I was going to get my TT done early next year but have since been told the Medicare number might be removed, this will probably mean overseas for me as I just can't afford the $18000+ (depending on length of hospital stay) that it would be without that Medicare number!
  10. Mudcrab

    Dr ****

    Just saw that other post with ***** that you commented on, what happened there??? She was saying positive stuff and some actual forum member has been ******* out (hope they never do that to me!!!!!)
  11. Mudcrab

    Dr ****

    Hi becs, I think it's when someone makes a complaint about a doctor the forum stars out the doctors name to avoid legal problems.. not sure if I am right!
  12. Mudcrab


    I was told no underwire until 6weeks post op.. If you are only 2 weeks post I believe your boobs will do a fair amount of changing in the next couple of months!!!!
  13. Investigating Brisbane sounds like another option j_oo_b, loved Perth but would have loved paying less (as long as it was still a plastic surgeon and I was happy with them)
  14. Donatella always had the best advice.
  15. I wonder if pagey had dealt with surgeon yet... Hopefully she has had time too as I think the more time she leaves it the harder it will be to prove her case/point. Pagey, how you going????
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