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  1. I have 9 and 4 yo girls (The youngest is in 3yo kindy! So every thing gets told to the teacher) I told them my boobs where sore and they needed to be fixed. My eldest understands a lot more obviously and I told her it was because of pregnancy and feeding I needed them lifted back up so I can feel comfortable again in crop tops and bathers. Mum little one often says (in public if she’s hugged me too tight) “are you boobies still sore mummy?” But that’s pretty harmless as it could mean any thing but when people over hear it, they are usually to taken back to say any thing and tend to shrug it off. Out of the mouth of babes right? ? My parents are very anti cosmetic surgery but oddly they are very accepting and supportive of my decision/choice and have been a massive help during my recovery.
  2. I’ve not read all the replies so apologies is this has been mentioned but I have just had my smooth rounds replaced with textured rounds because the collagen in my skin was so poor it couldn’t hold the round implant without it dropping. It wasn’t huge (340) but I have since sized down to 230 to help with the droop factor. Some thing to consider if your breast tissue and skin is thin which is common for breastfeeding mums. good luck.
  3. He doesn’t need have one. He doesn’t really need one to be honest, he’s very highly regarded in the industry. Best bet is to make an appointment - sooner rather than later as his wait list is quite long especially coming into Christmas. Good luck.
  4. My smooth have dropped. Two kids and her little thin skin. Exchanging for textured to help minimise the drop. Mine are round due to my high sporting commitment and no chance of rotation. good luck.
  5. Hey. just wondering how your going? x
  6. Do you have anatomicals? Looks rotated? mine have bottomed out but they are round - they just 'hang low' but the shape is still normal. I hope your not in any pain. Good luck.
  7. Tony is good but most definitely do your research and if money and time permits get a few different opinions from different surgeons. good luck
  8. I don't have scientific evidence just personal experience. Three surgeries, used them on my second and not my first and the results speak for themself. Needless to say I'm using silicon again. My friend had a lift. Only used the areola sheets and those scars are almost invisible her scars that weren't covered aren't nearly as good. 2 years post surgery and she still regrets (in her words) 'being so lazy' and applying them on all her incisions. At the end of the day your not a lot of money out of pocket for buying and trying them and you can say you've given it your best shot. By doing nothing you may have regret and you can't turn back the hands of time.
  9. I was put under. From memory it took over an hour to do, not sure I would have lasted with a local. But I'm a big chicken!
  10. @Imogen-L Recovery was slightly less then original BA, 6 weeks of no heavy lifting lifting and running after 4 weeks with two crop tops. My surgeon is extra cautious, but I didn't mind because I really didn't want to stuff it up for a second time. Physically I felt great about one-two weeks post op (once the stitches wheee out) and felt like I could return to normal activities but took my surgeons advice to rest a further two weeks (besides walking). The operarion was a walk in the park. No pain, tightness, stinging etc.
  11. My surgeons list is as follows (add a week as it starts from your post op/one week check up/stitch removal) Immediately post surgery until your app - absolute rest, VERY gentle slow paced walking. week one (post stitches removal) gentle walking. week two moderate walking week three incline/treadmill walking week four swimming and running week five netball and pump (no push-ups or heavy overhead) week six push ups on knees. week seven - eight resume normal activities within pain limits. wear a crop top over surgical bra to prevent bounce/movement My doc is extremely conservative and cautious. Why risk a week or two returning back early, you'll never forgive yourself if you hurt yourself. (Speaking from experience)
  12. I had scar revision and they turned about a 100% better. Good Luck.
  13. Dry shampoo. Because you'll want to avoid washing your hair as regularly. Exta long phone charging cord to reach your bed. Good luck.
  14. @Mama_Milks If you can ask your surgeon, but I wouldn't recommend using steri-strips, keep using stratamed from what I've read it's the same as the Newgel scar treatment. Some people are just lucky and heal really well.
  15. Tony is my surgeon. Couldn't be fault him. Had anatomicals, we both weren't happy with the outcome and he changed them to rounds three weeks ago. He always has time for questions. I like to know the ins and outs and I've never felt rushed or silly to asking for every detail, he actually commented and said he appreciated questions as it helps get an idea about what his patients want and their personality.
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