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  1. It's going unbelievably well! They are really soft and squishy now. The incisions are healing nicely too! I forget I've had them corrected. Hahaha. ? Thank you for asking!
  2. Hello! I definitely will be! I am just waiting until I am 1 month post op so I can give the best after-surgery result photos. Thank you!
  3. Hello Elleb11! Thanks, girl! Of course you may! It's so great to hear that you have such a supportive partner That's so exciting! Dean is amazing, you'll be in great hands. Absolutely! Ask me anything you need! I am always here to help
  4. I payed under 6 grand for tuberous correction with Private health insurance and Medicare item numbers with Dean Trotter. I had the exact same procedure done. Private message me if you would like the cost break down.
  5. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. My heart goes out to you. I am 19 years old and also have a family history. I was asked to get a mammogram and an ultrasound done. I had to call around a few places to get an appointment and most of the receptionists treated me as if I was silly even though I had a referral. I think it's worth it, if not just for the peace of mind. You'll also have it for future reference. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. I had bilateral correction of tuberous breasts with mastoplexy and implants yesterday morning! I had stage 2 tuberous breasts. I thought I would write up my entire hospital journey as I figured it would help some girls put their minds at ease as I was quite nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect! (Which is completely normal). I woke arrived at the hospital at 7:17am and went to the main desk to check in. I was told to go up a level to the admission lounge. Once there I checked in at the second desk and told my name would be called shortly. The room was quite packed with other patience and their family. After around 15 minutes I was called by a lady who took me into a small room to go over my patient form and check all my details were correct. After that she told me to go out and wait in the lounge again where I would be called by my nurse. I was second on the list and called within 10 minutes. Once my name had been called my weight and height was checked and I was taken to a temporary room where I would change into my gown, compression stockings and little foot covers. A nurse came in and went over my details, she came in and out about 4 times. Another nurse came in and went over my details again. Next I was greeted by my surgeon, he marked me up and left. Straight after my anaesthetist came in and went over the anaesthesia with me, followed by his assistant. They then wheeled me into the theatre. I was shocked by all the people in scrubs in there! There was about 13+ people in the theatre. I wiggled from my temporary bed onto the theatre bed with the help of what I assume was one of the male nurses. I was also greeted by my surgeons assistant. The anaesthetist asked me what drink I liked and I replied with tea. He said something like "wha?!" and then I said I love cider too and his assistant agreed with me saying "I love cider too! The fruity stuff?" And I said "Yes! Apple is my favourite".He stood to the left of bed and asked what I do, I told him, and he and the male nurse asked further about it. The anaesthetist then inserted a needle into my left vain and continued talking. I felt the effects very fast, well within 2 minutes. At first I felt fuzzy... Kind of like when you are tipsy and feel good, hahaha. Then I felt sleepy and that's the last thing I remember until I woke up. I very, very slightly remember someone waking me up by saying my name and telling me it went very well and lifted my bra to show me my boobies. (I thought it was just me dreaming until I was later told when I woke up again that my surgeon visited me) I then woke up properly to a lady saying my name and being aware of what was going on around me and realising I was in the recovery ward. I felt very husky in the throat and had lost my voice a little bit, I was also still clearly tired. She put an oxygen mask on me. I felt pain in the crease of my breasts and bellow where the muscle is. The only way I can explain it is when you get a deep cut in your skin and multiply that pain x10. On a pain scale of 1-10 I told her it was a 7. She gave injected some pain relief into my drip and about 10 minutes later asked again. I said 4 and she said we want it about a 3, so she gave me another injection. The pain went down to a 3.5 and she gave me some more until it felt like I just had a tight chest. I told her "I feel good besides my sexy husky voice". During this process I had an arm slip and finger clip measuring my blood pressure and oxygen every 10 minutes or so. I waited around for 20 minutes until I was taken to my ward by 2 staff. I went out the door, up the elevator, around the corner and into a room with 5 elderly ladies in their hospital beds. I met my ward nurses who were just the most beautiful hearted women. They went over my details, checked my stitches and took off the top leg compression garment. They attached my blood drains to the bed and checked them. They commented at how bright and chirpy I looked. I felt so good! As if I hadn't had surgery, just a big arm day at the gym the previous day. They checked my blood pressure and oxygen every 30 minutes for the next 5 hours or so. I was given tea, cheese and crackers by one of the food staff. My nurse gave me my tea but told me I was not able to eat just yet. As you probably expect you really have to pee after surgery! Haha. So I told my nurse and she un-attached my drains, put them in a pillow case. She got me to sit at the edge of the bed to check that I wouldn't get nausea or faint. Again, I felt awesome! She carried my drip stand to the bathroom for me and I went with no issue. Once I was done she helped me back to my bed. I was given a big jug of water which I skulled down and was served a delicious dinner not long after. A tomato and chicken dish, veggie soup, bread roll, fruit salad and apple juice. I scoffed it down like I hadn't eaten in a week! I didn't feel sick at all from eating or drinking. They continued to checked on me and my drip was taken out at about 7:30pm but they left the needle in my arm so they could continue giving me the antibiotic. I had to go to the bathroom again and I started to feel pain at the side of my breasts. I was given some pain drugs with soothed the pain. I didn't feel tired so I watched movies until about 1:30am. Every 4 (I think) hours a nurse would come and give me an antibiotic through the needle in my arm. It is a very weird feeling have something cold pushed through your vain! Eventually I turned the TV off and just lay hoping to get tired. I think my lack of tiredness was due to having such a deep sleep from the anaesthesia combined with the adrenaline from everything going on around me. I dosed off at about 2:30am and fell in and out of sleep. The lights in the ward turned back on around 7:30 and I was given breakfast (eggs Benedict, bacon, peaches, wheatbix, orange juice, tea and toast) and pain medication not long after. Then my Surgeon visited me to see how I was and check how they were. He was very happy and left. The nurse came and took out my drains at 9:20. I did not feel them being taken out but afterward I become very hot, sweaty, light headed and nauseated. This was the first time a felt sick during the entire ordeal. I pressed the button for the nurse and she moved my bed so my legs were elevated higher and the rest of my body lower. After 10 minutes I felt much better and got dressed. I then signed my dispatch form and left! I am now home resting in bed with very little pain and ready to have a nice rest and watch Netflix! I highly recommend an overnight stay if you have the option (and private health insurance). I felt so well cared for. I am a very healthy person but I feel like I would have felt like crap if I hadn't chosen to stay the night. I can tell all the professional care has had a great effect on my healing. I am positive I am going to have a very successful and fast recovery because of it. I am now home and extremely happy. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Trotter and the rest of the team at Epworth Richmond. I highly recommended Dean, he's very talented. From my first email I could tell I would be in very good hands with him.He was the only surgeon that personally answered all my questions and really expressed that he wanted the best for me. I didn't bother seeing any other surgeons for consultations. My instinct was correct and I can finally look down and see the breasts I was meant to have. He gave me 350cc moderate plus on each breast. I had hesitations that 350cc would not give me the size I hoped for but I can well and truly say they are spot on and are already perfect. Please feel free to message me if you would like information on Medicare, PHI, photos, etc. I know I was lost when I started researching and it was so much help to have girls answer my questions with their knowledge and personal experience .
  7. I second Dean Trotter. He's just phenomenal. I had my consultation today and booked straight away. He showed me some before and afters and the results were just beautiful.? I researched for about 2 months and wrote down and emailed every surgeon in Victoria, Queensland and Sydney. Arc plastic surgery gave me the best response so I went with them/my instinct. I hope you find the right surgeon soon! I know how hard it is waiting. x

    August 2015

    I just booked in for the 13th of August with Dean Trotter! I am having a lift and augmentation to correct tuberous breasts. I can't contain my excitement! My face hurts from smiling so much.
  9. They look quite sore! How are you feeling? I hope you aren't in too much pain. Wishing you the smoothest recovery! xx
  10. Wow! They look amazing, Jehllie! I am so happy for you!!!!!
  11. That works out so well for you! It will be so much better having someone there for support AND as a travel companion If I hear back from Medicare soon I'll see if they have any availabilities late June/July. Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer to hear Back!
  12. I am a 10C currently. I think a DD/E cup will fit my height and frame.I am 175cm and 55kg. I agree. It will be interesting to see what we end up with, haha! That's such a shame. I was really hoping to get in early August too.
  13. Queensland. Dean thinks a periareolar lift and I am guessing 450-550cc moderate profile. I am not sure about round or tear drop yet or the placement. I love the look of tear drops but I am so worried about them rotating. I will leave them up to his recommendations.
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