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    TBI Dr Phil Richardson
    330cc/360cc round HP textured unders
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    saturday 19th december 2015
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    160 cm 50kg
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    self employed cleaning/pt
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  1. I have a big gap and exactly same issue with bras ... How many finger width between you reckon you have?
  2. Hey im 1 year PO ... was 49kgs and 160 cms had an A cup ..got 330/360cc and i measure a D or DD cup with bras ..they LOOK like a C when naked ..in nice underwire padded they look like a D Go 385 for sure hun I could go up to 400's max as thats all he would be able to fit any bigger i risk rippling (Dr Richardson explained that to me so went smaller implant) X
  3. Dr Richardson is fantastic and under $10000 for straight forward BA Is Tansley a plastic surgeon ? I recall him being at flemings years ago and thought he was cosmetic but not sure ?
  4. I seen 4 surgeons he was number 4 and by far the most professional and went with my instincts too .. Congrats on the new boobs hun x
  5. DR R ia amazing thats all i can say ? Good luck with your consult x
  6. He is a top surgeon ... he will take care of you Yes i find him a bit quiet but always answer my questions and i never feel awkward with him at all .. Very happy with my boobs ?
  7. Yes said same to me about thw rippling Mine still sit a bit high but i love that .. around 6 to 9 months before thye were really soft and finished thw dropping process .. haven't changed at all in last 2 months ..my scars are so faint im amazed ?
  8. I had Dr R ..im 12 months PO and my stats were 160cm tall 49kgs A/b cup I have 330/360cc round textured unders I am now a D cup DD in playboy They are no way too big but in proportion .. He is an amazing surgeon‚̧ And he also said i cant go much bigger unless i want rippling ?
  9. I got 360/330 cc round HP unders Took me from A to a D cup He doesn't do brazillians hun He ia amazing at what he does seriously top surgeon and so worth the extra $$ you would be in safe hands xx
  10. Hi there Ihad consults with both and chose Dr R couldn't be happier with the results Szalay is a cosmetic surgeon u cant compare to dr R he is a plastic surgeon so a much better choice... i found szalay very very weird lol
  11. How far PO are you? I think i recall when you first had them done i may have commented how good they looked They can take up to 12 months to even out i think .my lefty was always a bit higher its evened up now but still sits different to righty but had them checked recently and they are fine just not exactly the same but they werent pre op either ... a second opinion will ease your mind either way ?
  12. Dr R is awesome My boobs are not perfect but they never were BUT i am very happy with them My incision scars are hardly visible i have had very minimal pain ..they sit nicely and feel natural He also sees me at no cost whenever i like ?
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