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    barbalicious40 reacted to stace418 in Dr Kim Harwood girls feedback please   
    I had my surgery with Dr Hardwood in February. He did an awesome job with mine & they were disgusting to start with! I think you will find him great, he is very thorough & makes you feel very comfortable. Goodluck with your up coming consults
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    I think that would only be relevant if you had incisions via the areola?
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    barbalicious40 got a reaction from donatella in 2 consultation 2 surgeons ..breasts are wide apart nipples point out ..anyone else ?   
    Yes I seen that he has that machine ..that will be good to get an idea
    I just read that thread omg what a horrible ordeal poor thing .. I didn't feel he was the surgeon for me
    Looking forward to seeing Richardson and Harwood
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