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    Straight forward BA, 275cc cohesive silicon, mod+ (mentor)
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    Ellis Choy 19th july 2015
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    156cm 42kg 30A/32AA now 30DD/32D
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  1. sorry girls for the late reply, haven't been on much. i think i have accpeted /requested all of you, if not send me a FR. xx
  2. Mine was still quite 'hard' at 6 weeks! i thought mine really just started being soft like 2 weeks ago (im more than 3 months PO now) and mine are overs. the bras i bought at 6 weeks was kind of fitting awkwardly, but they get better as they drop and soften up. However, one bra did fit me well which was from bras and things, called complete comfort contour with a removable wire. maybe check that out. good luck xx
  3. hey! sorry if this was a bit late, i had my surgery with Dr choy and he is absolutely amazing! you are welcome to add me as a friend to see before/after pics and msg me.
  4. This is just me, but if i had a B/C cup, i wouldn't have gone for a BA ( I couldn't even fill a A cup!). If you are concerned about losing weight i would wait till you have lost weight and that they are significantly smaller than what you like then consider a BA. I would only recommend a BA if you really want to, its money, time and effort. its a emotional roller coster and there are always risks associated with surgery. I would save the money first anyways, then consider if you want to go through with it. It could be like shopping, you see something you really want today but didn't end up buying and the next time you see it again you realise you actually didn't want it as badly as you thing! I got a low interest Loan and pay back more than the repayments so it will be paid off much sooner then intended. but because there is a monthly thing, I'm more likely to save for it.
  5. i have also got mod-plus, its actually just something mentor came up with but it really just equates to mods in other brands. i think my results are very natural, you are welcome to FR me to see the pics.
  6. sorry for the late reply! only just saw this! my surgeon is Dr Ellis Choy from Zilver linings in syd. i was barely 10AA i fit 8A a bit better Im now a 8DD! it sounds big but it really isnt that big in clothes, they look like a C in clothes (collective comments from friends).
  7. yep! that is the standards. (though i got to choose my time the day prior as i was the only interstate patient that day)
  8. same here, i got a allergic reaction from micropore too so its darker all around it! but they do fade eventually. im using scar away sheets and strataderm!
  9. i think if you stop now it would be a good time, try cold brew coffee instead of preop? i know they are not as good but its the closest thing, and use coconut oil to replace your oil use for fat burner! obviously they are not going to work as well but if you are big on exercise and health, i would suggest these. but i think its better to stop all chest workout early anyways so your muscle can relax (if you are going for unders). hope that helps. xx
  10. i fit into all my clothes (size 4/6 borderline, still buy the same size post op) but NONE of my bras or bathers! Excuse to go shopping! and yes i think its very true that even though i wear 8DD, i do not look like a DD, i think they look like a C in clothes.
  11. i have got less tissue than you to start with and got overs! I have recently started weight training and i was comfortably doing things in the gym from week 6. i did have a much smaller implant do but i'm really petite. you are welcome to add me as friend and look through my photos
  12. It's normal! Your nerves are regenerating and it hurts at that time because your pain killers have worn off. Mine lasted for around 10 days but I have heard girls that had that for longer! Good luck
  13. So, I have finally figured out the gallery thing! And i have uploaded some progress photo out there for petite girls looking into smallish implants! my stats are the following, if you would like to see, pop a comment or send me a FR! implant: 275cc mod+ (11.7cm X 3.5) Me: 156cm, 43kg, BWD 11.5.
  14. Straight out of surgery i thought i looked the same-ish, as my tight skin was pushing the implant down. but about 1-2 weeks they went bigger (not drop and fluff) just bigger as my skin was giving in and i thought i looked a bit top heavy. I have always been super skinny and flat so i wasn't used to it. Now i think i look fine maybe because i'm so used to them LOL. And i have been going to the gym a lot so i guess i'm mentally telling myself i'm fit XD. also, i second what len82 said, if the top wasn't fitted, i would look fatter because my boobs were pushing them out!
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