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  1. Hi, I went back to work on day 10 post op, it was actually perfect timing, I too have a desk job... Those extra 2 days were needed, I wasn't ready to go back after 7 days... You won't feel great, but 5 hours should be ok, I just had to pop a few panadol here and there. I have kids so I was doing less at work then at home! Take care and all the best.
  2. So so worth it, didn't mean to scare you, it's not excruciating pain, but just longer recovery... As a Mum I found it hard not being able to do the groceries, or vacuum, or mop, or carry washing, reaching up high, carrying everyone's school bags...things I usually do every day! If you have good friends and family to help you out it would make life easier.. Trust me it's worth it, don't change your mind, I couldn't be happier with my decision! Just get prepared the week before, call in your friends or family for a few favours, you will be fine! Take care
  3. Agree, sorry but BA worse, much longer recovery... I have had 2 c sections, I will be 6 weeks post op on Monday and it's taken me that long to feel normal! First 3 weeks are the hardest... Everyone is different though, girls I know had hardly any pain. All the best! Wish I new before hand, would have been more prepared.
  4. Best tip ever I found on here, pillow under your knee's, never thought it would work but is a major winner... Keeps you from slipping! 4.5 weeks post op and still loving it! Thanks to who ever put that up! And the horseshoe pillow for your top pillow at your head...
  5. I have the same! Mine was really bad around the two week mark, I am 4 weeks post op now and it has settled but still noticeable. . Mine is one side a lot more then the other also...
  6. Hi, yep 295 cc and 4 weeks post op, actually really happy with size, will try to get some pics up this week..
  7. Hi, I am very similar to you and went 295 under the muscle, I am really happy with the size for my frame. I would go the 315, it won't be too big..
  8. Hey, I have had two Caesarian's and rate recovery from BA as worse than that... Don't want to scare you, and I no some people bounce back quicker than others, I just wasn't one of those people. I hope you are. I went back to work 9 days later, just to a desk job. Couldn't have gone prior to this.. I think because I am a Mum of two I was doing too much, I had heaps of help, but there is stuff you just need to do! I am 3.5 weeks post op and still recovering, but getting better. I must say, so worth it and I am so happy with results even in these early days. My advice, even if u feel good a few days later, don't wipe the benches or gently sweep the floor, or pick up a school bag, just let your body heal.. Just rest... Take care and all the best!
  9. Thanks for that Minnie Mouse, much appreciated!
  10. Hi everyone, I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow. I have been wearing the Carefix post op bra, the first two weeks it was fine, but the last week (by the evening/night), it becomes really painful around the incisions. (They are not infected at all). It's killing me, really uncomfortable. Do they recommend any other bra? I no it's only for 3 weeks more, but if it's more comfortable than this one I would happily pay the $$$. Also, once I get to 6 weeks post op, can I wear any bra, or does it need to be under-wire free... Hope someone can give me some advice, thanks...
  11. Hi Jessejaay, I am not a personal trainer, but I am sporty and go to the gym etc, u could go back after a week if you can just PT verbally, probably to experienced clients, but you won't be able to demonstrate... I am 2 weeks post op and still sore. It's a longer recovery than I thought... (Some people bounce back quickly and some don't)... Just tell clients you have hurt your back and can't lift anything for a few weeks, get them to carry all the equipment for you... I am finding the more I do, the sorer I get. Good luck,
  12. I no what u mean. I ended up going to K Mart, I found these really light material zip up hoodies, I didn't wear a tshirt under them, just my post op bra. Got it in a bigger size. They were perfect with trackies and harem pants around the house the first week. After that it's fine putting on things over head. Mind you I have just been sticking to loose tops and cardi's so far. I am 11 days post op.. Don't forget button up pj's also, bigger sizes are easier to get on to start with. Good luck!
  13. Hi, it's amazing how everyone's recovery is so different. I am 10 days post op, I didn't really leave the house for 7 days. I was in a lot of pain, has a lot of swelling and bruising. I started coming good yesterday and today... I couldn't believe how tired and drained I felt also. Hopefully you bounce back quickly. All the best!
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