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    Breast Augmentation- they never developed beyond the age of 11. Always been self conscious about them and very unhappy !
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    Kim Taylor 24th September 2015
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  1. Don't worry too much Em. If your surgeon has really listened to what YOU want, then you should be getting the size that will be best to achieve that. You took photos in to show him, you did your research, so hopefully all will work out in the end!! I got 325cc and I'm loving them. A big change to what I had, but I'm able to disguise them for work easily and they can look big in some things too. So I recon I'm winning. I didn't want to go too big - I don't want the big boob look cos I've never been that way. I just wanted to have boobs that matched my body and made me look hot in a bikini lol. You will be happy with that I'm sure. Good luck! xxxoo
  2. I'm actually not massaging at all as my surgeon said it wasn't necessary. But I have rubbed a quality oil in and I might do that more often, especially if they feel softer and relieved after!! Thanks!
  3. Omg!!! September is all done!! Congratulations everyone ? I'm just over a week and I'm feeling fantastic! No more pain meds for me. shaving armpits is the thing I'm having most trouble with ?
  4. well said!! I couldn't wait any longer.
  5. don't worry heather! Hang in there! It's awful feeling sick isn't it? When you're not feeling sick it is so much easier to deal with the pain. Yep only one more day of those antibiotics and you will be good. I have weird airpockets it in my boobs as well and it is really bizarre and a bit itchy too!! it will all be worth it when we see the final results !! Good luck .
  6. how weird is it! I can feel weird things too...
  7. Anybody else got squelchy noises/bubbles in breasts? It's weirding me out!!
  8. I've been told that I probably won't be having problems with sagging like ever! ? I'm hoping after full recovery I'll go braless sometimes!
  9. Ouch just dropped my iPad mini on my boobs. While reading this forum I am cursed.
  10. Hi everyone I'm 25 years old and just had my BA done. I live in the eastern regions of Melbourne and I'm renting with my boyfriend of seven years. I studied at Deakin and for work I am a now a teacher! I teach grade 1 kids I love my job but it's full on!! This is my second year out of uni. I'm a musician, my main instrument is the viola which I'm worried about playing after the BA... I actually have a wedding gig coming up and I'm hopefully going to be fully recovered so that I can play at that gig!! ? I Like to keep busy and my favourite pastime apart from music is walking I hope to be fit enough to climb Mount Buffalo this year I'm not sure I will be at this stage. Music and animals are my life I'm only allowed to have one bird at this property we love our budgie very much !!!? If it wasn't for all these amazing girls on this forum I may not have just had my BA done. It is been wonderful having support and even meeting a few people !! Xxx thanks girls!
  11. I'm only at day two post op and really don't want swelling to increase! It's already so painful and sore under the armpits and around my back too. Will just have to go with the flow!! Ive got Blackmore sleep remedy to help with sleeping so I'll take those tonight. The endone is pretty good though!! I feel so drowsy after having that! ?
  12. I just had mine done. I had a long waiting time got there at 7am... which was annoying but other than that everyone was terrific and so wonderful. after surgery I got given some morphine because I felt tight in the chest but I didn't actually feel much pain. However had a reaction to the morphine when I stood up three or so hours later and I ended up spewing. ? but I felt so much better after. The nurses wonderful they gave me an icy pole and I didn't end up leaving until 5 o'clock. So it was a long day but it wasn't that that bad !! The twins seem big but I haven't had a good look yet I'm just lying on the couch relaxing trying to get over the meds. Overall I'm really happy and I've had a good day I'm just exhausted. I hope everybody else is recovering really nicely I'm looking forward to seeing how other people are doing postop. I'm a bit nervous to have endone because I'm worried it's going to make me sick. Has anybody else had a bad reaction to endone?? Rather be a little bit of pain than be feeling sick
  13. I know there's some ppl on here who've gone with dean and been very happy! I'm actually having mine done at ARC this Thursday but with Kim Taylor ! She's wonderful!
  14. Good luck for tomorrow girls. Can't wait to hear how it all goes I'm one day after you !!!
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