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    Breast Augmentation and Removal of Fibroadenoma (10mm)
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    19th June 2015 with Plastic Surgeon
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    157cm, 49kg, 12cm+ BWD
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  1. Hi ladies, I'm now just over 4 months post op and still have red scars. They seem to be fading but only minimally. I used the silicone tape for the first 2 months as well but they are still very visible. Just wondering how long it took before your scars disappeared - or do they never disappear completely??
  2. congrats hun! I'm also on my 6 weeks but still haven't gone to BNT to get sized yet. are they the only place you can go to get measured?
  3. hi TTaa I'm a banker and the bank will almost definitely ask you what the loan is for. There are only some borrowing purposes that the bank won't fund (such as gambling etc) however you shouldnt have any issues if you tell them it's for 'improvements'. If it were me I'd just say it was for medical costs for an elective surgery or something like that. good luck for tomorrow
  4. the bloating was the worst for me. was already in pain, lack of sleep, and have weird swollen boobies and then on top of that, looking like i was 6 months pregnant. really got me down for after surgery. i really thought i must have put on 5kgs all of a sudden from not being able to go to the gym! but mine started getting better at 1 week post op when i finished my pain meds, antibiotics and anti inflammatory. it was pretty much gone at 1.5weeks. don't worry ladies the bloating all goes away!
  5. i had 2 consultations, first one was with a cosmetic surgeon the second with a plastic surgeon. Didn't really think much of the CS and found the PS alot more comfortable, professional, and was overall the right one for me. either way it was really good to compare opinions from 2 different surgeons.
  6. my ps told me to sleep whatever way is most comfortable. i think i slept elevated until 1 week post op then was able to sleep flat on my back comfortably. however i needed my bf to help scoop me out of bed each morning for a few days after that lol
  7. Hi Heather I'm 157cm, 49kgs. i got 330c mods in 3 weeks ago. i am currently wearing D cup post op bras (swelling has gone down already) but probably look like a full C / small D in clothes. i think they look big but in proportion which is exactly what i wanted
  8. Jasminee

    June 2015

    how is everyone's recovery going? I'm 6 days post op and feeling almost normal again. I've stopped the panadeine forte and only on paracetamols, also have been on arnica which has really helped with the bruising and finally slept on one pillow last night with minimal discomfort. the only thing that's bothering me is the bloating. it's really getting me down. when is this supposed to go away?
  9. Jasminee

    June 2015

    its really comforting to know that we are all going through the same thing. so glad this forum is around! hope we all feel a little bit better tomorrow xx
  10. oh that sounds terrible have you started wearing a different post op bra? i really want to take mine off too! i think my bra must be too tight. the bra and strap is digging into my skin especially around my bruised and bloated belly which is causing me so much discomfort.
  11. thanks love x how are you feeling today? I've stopped taking the codeine and i think its helped alot. just the anti inflammatory is causing me to vomit sometimes. guess i need to eat more before i take it. but just not really having much of an appetite.
  12. Jasminee

    June 2015

    they look good Crissy! hope you have a smooth recovery
  13. i gymmed until the day before my operation but stopped doing any chest exercises about a week prior to surgery so they weren't so tight.
  14. thanks for the replies xx I'll try and ease off the painkillers and just try to take it one day at a time. i haven't really looked at the new goodies yet, i kinda want to wait until i feel normal again.
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