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  1. Really I just researched through the search bar on here which I probably should have done before posting and read that it's probably just nerves reconnecting?
  2. I am 10 days post op for a breast lift and implants. My right breast is so swollen and painful when I move the slightest bit I get shooting electric like pain through my underarm whereas my left breast is soft and completely normal. 10 days post seems a bit excessive to still be like this, I wasn't like this from day 3, I only started feeling the shooting pains from day 6 but feel its getting worse. I'm resting, drinking water, sleeping elevated, the breast isn't going down. I can't tell if it's going up but its the pains when I move even slightly that scare me. How long should I wait bef
  3. I was the same refused to eat anything, the only food that l trusted was ridiculously over priced so it really defeated my purpose of going there. I felt sick on the plane home and they gave me a coffee mug of water I asked if it was safe for me to drink/ if it come from a bottle but they didn't understand it was so incredibly hard
  4. I got my rate on the street for 25.50 and the following day it was 26.00 I was spewing.
  5. I was monitoring it every day towards my surgery, at one point my op was going to cost $9800, on the day it was $9100, a week later and it would have been under $9000. It's getting better and better I thought thailand would be heaps cheap for food etc but in the popular malls (eg terminal 21) a lot was very on par with australia prices.
  6. Hey I'm one week post op and allowed to shower as normal as long as I dry the tape. Once the tape is dry I've been applying a betadine spray over the tape as instructed however I feel this is just re wetting the tapes. Advice?
  7. Pre op: stock up on snacks such as protein bars for if you wake from discomfort In the middle of the night and feel hungry! Protein is great for healing. Research thoroughly!- I assumed vitamin e tablets post surgery would be great for the scars and didn't realise they could cause blood loss. Have a cup with a straw or small water bottle prepared as heavy bottles can hurt to hold and cause damage. Organise for someone to help you get your kids to school if you have a baby you can't lift into a car seat Post op: try not to over do it. You may feel completely fine by day 2 but excessive walk
  8. So glad to hear you are ok. I had severe anxiety after having mine done and created a million problems for myself thinking something was going to go wrong, I'm glad your doctor was pro active and caring. I was made to feel stupid when saying I felt things were wrong (bleeding, dizzy spells) and it wasn't very nice.
  9. Myself and my best friend both had breast lift and augmentations with Dr Preeyaphas last week at Bumrungrad hospital Bangkok. We are both extremely happy with our results. My friend was a harder case, she had a pigeon chest/ different bone structure therefore her operation was more complicated than the average lift, he said he has around one case per year. He did a fantastic job on both of us, working all day long one after the other. Initially I was anxious that one breast was higher and bigger however one of my breasts were bigger to begin with and for what he had to work with he did a
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