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  1. Hi girls! I was a big tummy sleeper before my BA and I bought this pillow to tuck my new boobs in so I could still sleep a bit on my tummy. It was a lifesaver. I'm almost 2 years post op now and am comfortable without it so it's ready to help out the next tummy sleeper out there! I paid $130 for it (eek) but would love to see it go to good use for $50. Can deliver to the Hunter Valley/ Newcastle area?
  2. I'm so sorry I only just saw this! Does this afternoon suit you?
  3. Hi girls I bought this boob pillow before I had my BA as I was a big tummy sleeper and really wanted something that might help me still sleep comfortably on my tummy. I loved it post-BA, it made tummy sleeping much for comfortable for me. It's a long rectangle with a cut-out section that you rest your new boobies in. I'm well over a year post-op now and sleeping well with out it so I thought I'd see if anyone else would like it. I paid $130 but would gladly see someone enjoy it for $50. I can deliver to the Hunter Valley / Newcastle / Singleton areas or might be able to post.
  4. Cancel! You need to be happy with your surgeon.
  5. I went with Dr T and adore him and my results. If there is any hint of complication in your case he is worth a consult. He has vast experience in difficult / reconstructive cases.
  6. Hi Sjay i had fat grafting with my BA with Dr Tavakoli last year. He does a lot of it. It is very safe in my opinion. I didn't have much fat and In fact was encouraged to try and put on weight so there was more fat to take. In the end though he took enough to make a lovely difference. I have lost some of it now and could go for another fat graft but I've decided against the expense and the down time - I think my boobs still look amazing, especially compared to what they were before. I was sore and very bruised from the liposuction but it went down very quickly. The scars are t
  7. You'll be fine babe. My op was 30 September and I was well and truly ready for summer. I think the bruising took about a month to go down. The incisions are tiny, at first the ones on my legs looked a little like an ingrown hair would and they have faded now enough to be mistaken for light freckles. Albeit in symmetrical spots on my legs! And the spots where the fat went in to my cleavage has disappeared altogether. This was my bruising early on. It gets better quite quickly I promise!
  8. I absolutely know what you mean! Try the high neck styles, they cover everything.
  9. They look gorgeous!!!! What a natural result. I know it's hard but try not to compare your results to the others here. Unless you find someone with your exact shape, bone structure and pre-Op tissue, you will never have the same results as someone else. It's early days. Try not to be too hard on them. Express any deep concerns to your surgeon and give yourself 6 months. They'll keep changing for a long time.
  10. Hi girls so the ultrasound showed everything is absolutely fine - no rupture, cyst or fluid. Dr T thinks I've strained the pec muscle and has prescribed strong anti-inflammatries and he taped up my sore boob - like you would tape up a sore ankle! im still achey but I've since heard pec strains are some of the hardest to recover from. So frustrating!!!
  11. I had a BA with fat grafting with Dr T last year. He is amazing! the lipo left me VERY bruised and tender and it was hard pulling up the compression shorts with sore boobs but that was only for the first week or so. I let Dr T choose my size - he is such an expert and he got it spot on!
  12. Thanks so much for your support girls. Ultrasound is tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes!
  13. Hey girls I've been SO careful with my exercise after my BA 9 months ago. Until about a week and a half ago I did a heap of burpees with terrible form. I was tired and not paying attention. Now my left breast is sore, especially in the side boob, achey, with little sharp pains every now and then. I could be imagining it but I feel like its a bit swollen and I'm quite aware of the edge of the implant on that side. My PS has said to take it very easy and has given me a referral for an ultrasound that I will get next week. I think my anxiety is making it worse and I was hoping to hear
  14. I'm an 8 and got size 1, it's perfect.
  15. Hey @ash92 What a fantastic thread, thank you for starting this. I have GAD and had my BA in September last year. I had a panic attack a few days before my surgery and I almost cancelled the whole thing. I am so happy that I didn't!!! I was the opposite, I read as much as I could on the forum and got a lot of support from the girls here. I was specifically worried about the impact of it on my kids and after making a post I got some great support from other mums. I talked a lot to a friend who had her BA a few months before me. I spent lots of time organising my bag for
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