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    Dr Miroshnik 28 May 2015
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  1. I used arnica cream and tablets next day post op and I had minimal bruising only for short period of time. My recovery was very quick too. I would do it again as it worked for me. I think it depends on the body. Everyone is different.
  2. I think this might be your reaction to general anaesthetic. Didn't they gave you nausea tablets? Contact you doctor ASAP. You will be fine in the next few days, just hold on :))) congrats on your new boobies
  3. I've been told by my nurse friend that The reason why they ask to remove the nail polishes and acrylics is just in case you stop breathing. This is the first place they look at. Under your nail. It changes colour due to the lack of oxygen in the body.
  4. MrM uses general anesthetic and I didn't have any drains. His anesthetist is very good. I was gone within 10 seconds. Nurses are very nice and gentle. Lots of credit to them.
  5. Post op stay is one week. Nurse is working on mondays and wednesdays. Make sure that your flight will be in the afternoon if your seeing her on the same day. Accommodation - I booked my room @ quest through Expedia cuz was cheaper by $30 per night. Hotel is nice however call them before the trip and let them know that you want the room with window that opens! I got mine with fixed window and I got sick from sleeping all night in Aircon. Next day they have changed my room with no problems..
  6. I've travelled from qld. I'm 2 weeks post op. Nurses in the hospital were really nice and professional. As I was last on the table I thought drM will be long time gone when I woke up, however he was there waiting for me to open my eyes. His anesthetist is very good. I was gone in 10 seconds. Next day I had s phone call from Nurse. Few days later I went for check up with her. Two days later I went back home... Since then I had a call from hospital and text from anesthetist. In 2 days I will have to take my dressings off by myself. So far I cannot complain.
  7. I have used arnica in cream and tablets form next day and I didnt get any visible bruising. Areas around incisions were bit swollen and sore but it went away 4-5 days later. It worked for me .
  8. I think you should tell him what you want to achieve and let him to decide. He knows the best how "to do" desired look. I told him what I wanted to have and how I wanted to look like (in the singlet- for example ) and I left technicality to him. I've asked myself same questions before, but all this just made me more confused. At the end, my post baby body shape, chest size, weight, height, age determined the technique, size , shape and placement of implants. I decided to go with his advise and I'm happy with the results.
  9. I did not like this bra-- it was squashing my ribs.. More painful than BA itself. I had difficulties to breathe in it.
  10. You would have let your surgeon know that You coming alone, so they can organise someone to look after you post surgery. I traveled 2 weeks ago for surgery but with my husband. It was hard to get up after pain killers stopped working, however I used only panadol after. I Was ok and I thought there was no need for me to use endone as I could manage pain only with panadol. Third day was for me the worst. Getting up in the morning was the hardest part. I think if I used endone I wouldn't feel any pain. good luck!!!
  11. So, all good to go! good luck . You'll be fine
  12. I would only go with plastic surgeon. I've done lots of reaserch. I've decided to go with Dr Miroshnik even though I had to fly from Qld and get accommodation. I know girls who went through consmetic surgeons too. One of them simply chose her surgeon based on price. She is happy with her result, I wasn't impressed, however everyone has their opinions what is nice what not. In my opinion - if I decide to put foreign object in my body I want this to be done by the plastic surgeon with lots of experience.
  13. You have to keep in mind that he is really busy man. I had my phone consultation 1,5 week ago. My conversation was quick as well, however I felt confident enough to book a procedure with him. I've arrived 2 days ago and run straight away for appointment. He is very easy to talk to. He gave me two options 330 and 375. I wanted 330 but my husband preferred 375 or bigger- typical man. Dr Miroshnik ordered two sizes for me so on the day of operation, just in case, if I decide to change the size we had both sizes waiting for me in the hospital. Yesterday I had my operation. Before the surgery he asked me what I have decided and I simply replied " you decide for me as I trust your opinion " I was the last girl on the table/bed yesterday. My operation started at 5:30pm. I thought he would be back home by the time I will open my eyes, but no, he surprised me. He was there to check on me and told me "everything went well, you going to love them... I' ve chosen 375 for you" If you think that he is the surgeon, just listen to your gut feeling and go for it.
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